Canadian RMT Magazine Spring 2016 Volume 1 - Page 21

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa serves populations with goals of better health and well-being in a clean and tranquil spa environment with locations across the GTA and Ontario. You combine your technical RMT skills with your people skills to provide a “first in class” experience for your clients. You will enjoy the collegial engagement created in a fun, family-oriented team environment, complete with operational & administrative support so you can do what you do best… provide compassionate care. DO WHAT YOU LOVE! we’ll take care of the rest. We take care of our people: • • • • • • • Competitive compensation structure Signing Bonus * Incentives, bonuses and gratuities Group insurance benefits * Paid training on Hand & Stone protocols – approved continuing education units (CEUs) Steady and loyal clientele Computerized record keeping for faster and a more efficient use of your time • • • • • • Hydraulic tables and state of the art equipment Linens, uniform and professional products are supplied Appointment bookings and confirmations are made on your behalf Employee discounts Option for contract or employee based employment Flexible schedules *Subject to participating spas APPLY TODAY Send Resumes to: w w w .han dan dst on The key to controlling chronic pain is to remove physical barriers “ that are keeping or maintaining the nervous system in high drive. ” Sacrum The sacrum (or scared bone) sits at the base of the spine, is the foundation of your spine & “core” of the body, and a key sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous juncture. Imbalances in the sacrum negatively influence the autonomic nervous system, causing stress. Remember, we sit all day today, and our ancestors did not!! Cranial bones and sutures. Your head of course! Your head has 22 bones in it, held together by joints called sutures. They all move when pushed, struck or fall. Sometimes, they don’t go back to where they should be, and stay out of place for long times. Since all nerves originate in brain, then it’s clear that problems with skull bone positioning or sutural sticking can negatively influence the entire body’s nervous systems, with the sympathetic winning again!! Ask any Osteopath how important Sutherland theories were. Strong connection with jaw. Jaw and the TMJ Sitting on top of the spine, the jaw is moved by 2 of the strongest muscles in the body and used constantly during the day. When we feel stressed, we “clench our teeth”. Misalignment or imbalances of either teeth or jaw can strongly influence the nervous system for long periods of time. Remember, optic and facial nerve originate just above jaw! Emotional Blockages (Limbic System) Past emotional traumas get locked up in muscles, fascia and organs. Even in acupuncture, each organ has an associated emotion. To ignore the relationship between emotions and the autonomic nervous system is unwise. How you feel or act after bad news, or when bad things happen to you, your body records it. This in turn, negatively influences the nervous system, creating more imbalance. Ask any soldier or cancer survivor how emotions can affect health, it’s all controlled by the nervous systems. Kelly_Feature7.indd 21 Spring 2016 21 2016-03-02 9:17 PM