Canadian RMT Magazine Spring 2016 Volume 1 - Page 14

Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage Training By James Waslaski ntegrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage is so much more than just a single massage therapy modality. Specializing in just one modality or manual therapy discipline limits your ability to treat multifaceted musculoskeletal pain conditions. Integrated Manual Therapy begins with performing detailed orthopedic assessment and postural evaluations. This groundwork provides vital critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills that will allow the therapist to match the most appropriate modality or manual therapy discipline to the exact underlying pathology of each specific clinical condition. Based on the client history and detailed assessment, therapists will blend multiple modalities and disciplines such as Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Massage, NMT, Posturology, Myoskeletal Alignment, Anatomy Trains Knowledge, Scar Tissue Mobilization, Joint Capsule Release , Joint Mobilization Techniques, Stretching Tight Facilitated Muscle Groups, and Activating and Strengthening Weak, Inhibited Muscle Groups. This total structural and postural based program will bring the musculoskeletal system back into balance for pain free living and performance enhancement. It will also treat the cause of pain patterns rather that simply treating the resultant clinical symptoms. Following each treatment, the client will be given specific corrective exercises based on the initial assessment to maintain the outcomes of each treatment session. Since therapists vary in their learning abilities, each seminar presentation brilliantly blends auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning styles to assure every participant can comprehend each and every technique. Participants will literally be looking i