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editor’s Letter MASSAGE THERAPISTS Earn more money where to find me Work when you want Stay safe on the job With pride, we bring you the second issue of Canadian RMT, which is going out to all massage therapists in Ontario - thanks to the incredible support of our sponsors and advertisers. Pride is not a word that is used often in our profession. The word has negative connotations and is even considered one of the seven deadly sins. Pride in that sense is similar to saying that you have a temperature when you’re sick; it’s excessive or overinflated. As a result, we tend to be overly humble, not just about out own skills, but about the contribution we make to the world as a profession. However, just as you can have a healthy temperature, you can also have a healthy sense of pride in what you do as a massage therapist. In fact, you should feel satisfaction, happiness and joy in your work. There is nothing wrong with honoring the value you bring to the world, whether that is supporting someone through injury recovery, helping someone live pain-free, providing much needed relaxation or simply giving your clients comfort through loving touch. Although we often feel inferior or subservient to other health professionals, we possess a unique set of skills. We can benefit people in ways that no doctor, physio, chiropractor or nurse can ever hope to. We are literally and often profoundly touching the lives of the people in our communities and having a significant impact on their health and wellbeing. So the next time you are feeling sheepish about expressing what you do, the next time you feel inadequate because research hasn’t been done to support the effects you see in your practice, the next time you communicate with other health professionals, take a minute to reflect on the power of your work. Then stand proudly and say, “I AM a massage therapist!” Eric Brown Editor-in-Chief, Canadian RMT PS As we develop future issues, we want your input. We want to hear about the great things you’re doing and about the things you’d like to learn about through this magazine. Feel free to visit our site and tell us what you have been doing or simply leave us your ideas for future articles and features. We’d love to hear from you. APPLY ONLINE AT: WWW.SOOTHE.COM/APPLY Fall 2016 Volume 2 Issue 2 editor-in-chief Contributing writers OR CONTACT PARISA AT Eric Brown | 416.876.6876 Art director Whitney Lowe, John F. Barnes, Brian Fulton, Mark Volkmann, Til Lachau, Scott Dartnall Erin Stanley | Publisher Scott Dartnall | 4 491 Concession Street Hamilton, Ontario L9A 1C1 877-387-9111 ex. 103 Canadian 02_Contents_Masthead.indd 4 2016-08-21 11:16 AM