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U nfortunately, most forms of therapy, massage, and bodywork have produced only short-term results. While in contrast, Myofascial Release is safe and gentle producing consistent, long-lasting results. The techniques we learned had a logical theory, but were incomplete and had a flawed methodology only producing temporary results. Almost all of the research on Myofascial Release was performed on cadavers which are brittle. Working on cadavers only allowed research to focus on the fibrous network and not the fluidity within our body. This is a crucial mistake since fascia is the container of the fluid within the body and the main transport medium of the air we breathe, the nutrients we ingest, the biochemistry, hormones, energy and information that every cell of our body needs to thrive. With trauma, the ground substance which ideally is fluid/ viscous tends to solidify and turn into crushing pressure that eventually produces symptoms. When the fascial system becomes restricted, it can produce approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure which can create pain and headaches and can also limit our mobility. This crushing pressure acts like a straightjacket and explains why other forms of therapy have not produced lasting results. The important thing to understand is that Myofascial restrictions do not show up in all of the standard testing such as x-rays, myelograms, blood work, electromyography, CAT scans so that Myofascial restrictions have been misdiagnosed for a long period of time. This beautiful picture below illustrates the fascial system under great magification and represents 30 years of research. It dramatically shows how the fascial ststem is both a fibrous network and a fluid system; which requires specfic principles in fluid dynamics. Research is verifying what I have been teaching for over 40 years. Most other techniques were too quick to produce lasting results. The art of Myofascial Release is to locate the restrictions and to then hold with gentle but firm pressure for a minimum of 5 minutes or longer. Around the 5 minute mark, some extraordinary and important phenomena’s begin to occur; piezoelectricity, mechanostransduction, phase transition, all eventually leading to resonance which is another term for a release. Piezoelectricity Piezoelctricity is a Greek word which means pressure electricity. It is a well-known fact that our cells are crystalline in nature. When you place pressure into a crystal it creates an electrical flow. The sustained pressure of my Approach to Myofascial Release coupled with the time element, 5 minutes or longer per restriction creates a bioelectrical flow in our body, which leads into mechanotransducton. Fascia Photo courtesty of Dr. JC Guimberteau Feature08_John_Scott.indd 21 A nerve cell surrounded and influenced by the fascia. Mechanotransduction Sustained mechanical pressure can also create biochemical changes within our bodies. Importantly, Myofascial Release produces Interleukin 8, our bodies own natural antiinflammatory agent. Phase Transition These two occurrences, piezoelectricity and mechanotranduction dovetail together and then Phase Transition takes place. This is the phenomena of ice transforming into water. In our bodies a similar occurrence happens. The solidification of the ground substance becomes more fluid allowing the tissue to rehydrate and to glide taking crushing pressure off pain sensitive structures. Resonance When one human touches another human their vibratory rates are quite different on the molecular level, however w ]\Z[Y\\H]H\X[\X[ۋHX]ܞH]\[XYHY[X[ܙX][\ۘ[K\ۘ[H\H\B\[Hو^H\X^[٘\X[[X\K\\]H[H8'[X\K'H[X\H\[Hܘ[X[\XH[Y]HK\ۘ[H[ܝ[][H\\[\ܛ\و\\HYHHY\X]\H\ܛ\و\\H\H]ZX[HݚY[ۛH[\ܘ\B\[ˈH]\]^[٘\X[[X\H\Y]\[\ܛ\و\\KX\YK]ܚ[[\BX\]Y\[ܙX]H[[H[\YX][\˂^[٘\X[[X\H[H\Y[HY\Y]Hو][™܈HYH[HوXYۛ\ˈH[\[ۈوH8&Z\[[&K^[٘\X[[X\H[[\XXH[ܙX]H[ܙX\H[\X[]H[[H[x&\]\˂BS MBB ML L ̈B