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S omething special happens when walking long distances, day after day. A slower, steadier, less hurried rhythm establishes itself. As the outer landscape moves slowly by, it is the inner landscape—one’s own thoughts, feelings, body sensations— that gradually become the foreground of the ambulatory world. Your companions on the walk are an important part of your world, as well. Moving at a similar pace, they join you in your inner landscape, and you join them in theirs. Conversations, reflection, flights of fancy, easy silence, all flow from one to another. Each moving moment rolls by; until you arrive at your day’s destination, where you rest, rub your feet, relax together, and do it again the next day. Earlier this summer, my colleagues1 and I invited 28 manual therapy practitioners from around the world to join us in Spain for a movable weeklong workshop, taught while walking together on the Camino de Santiago Compostela. For more than a thousand years, this wellknown pilgrimage route has been traveled by many kinds of walkers: penitents, seekers, wanderers; crusaders, kings, popes; minstrels, robbers, monks; tourists, backpackers, movie stars. And now, walked by us, a group of hands-on therapists. Our group hailed from six countries; our specialties included fascial and myofascial approaches, massage therapy, Rolfing and structural integration, physical therapy, Feldenkrais, sports rehabili- TOP, from left to right: Walking on the Camino de Santiago Campostela, Instructor Larry Koliha lecturing on foot biomechanics, Arriving in Santiago de Campostela at the end of our trek, Instructors Til Luchau and Larry Koliha on the Camino. BOTTOM, from left to right: Instructors Bibiana Badenes and Chris Pohowsky, On the Camino, The “laboratory” for our lessons was the Camino itself. Photos by: Günther Bisges, Hamid Shibata Bennett, Ramona Peoples, tation, Pilates and yoga, movement therapy, and more. We came for many reasons: technical learning, spiritual adventure, physical challenge, professional companionship, realization of a dream, or a break from the bus