Canadian Natural Camp Welcome Package - Page 25

Unacceptable Behaviour Harassment Policy Canadian Natural and ESS Poplar Point Remote Camp Services are committed to a healthy, productive work environment where the dignity and safety of each individual is respected and protected. Harassment or violence WILL NOT be tolerated. Violence and/or harassment would be defined as: Any inappropriate physical contact or action, or threat of inappropriate physical contact or action that would result in pain and/or suffering to individuals; insulting comments, slurs, insulting or demeaning posters, insulting or demeaning invitations, unwanted or offensive actions, teasing, jokes, cartoons, graffiti, innuendoes, drawings, unwanted touch, unwanted gifts, lack of respect for personal space, etc. Any incidents of violence or harassment involving contractors, customers, vendors or visitors to CNRL will be investigated and dealt with in an expedient, confidential and fair manner. Regardless of the outcome, the individual who, in good faith, complains, reports or participates in the investigation of any incident or alleged incident of violence or harassment, will be protected from any form of retaliation. Those who participate in violent or harassing behavior will be subject to disciplinary action including the loss of camp privileges and/or an indefinite site suspension. 25