Canadian Natural Camp Welcome Package - Page 19

FAQ’s Camp Internet – Getting Connected Internet service is provided in all Horizon camp rooms. This quick reference is designed to help you establish connectivity quickly and easily while avoiding some common pitfalls. Internet Service is provided via a wired connection only There is no wireless service available. Any wireless networks you may discover are not camp provided internet service. The wired connection requires a Cat5, 5e, or 6 network cable A Cat5 cable has 8 pins / wires. A phone cable with 4 or 6 pins will NOT work. Some rooms may have two wired jacks available If one does not work, please try the other. Still experiencing issues? Please try your laptop or other device in a coworker or neighbour’s room. If you still have no connectivity, please review your device configuration. If you have connectivity in another room, but not in yours, please report it to camp administration who will pass it on for further review and troubleshooting as required. 19