Canadian Natural Camp Welcome Package - Page 17

FAQ’s Visitors – Residents Resident visiting hours are from 5:00 am – 11:00 am and 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm only. All other times are quiet times. Male residents are NOT permitted to visit female rooms or dorms; female guests may visit male rooms or dorms during visiting hours only. Visitors – Non Residents Non-residents must be accompanied by a resident during visiting hours and must be signed in and out at the security desk by a resident in order to visit the facilities. Security must be notified of the arrival of your visitor to ensure they are granted access through the operations gate. Security/Management has the right to override visiting privileges. If you want to have a meal with a visitor, meal vouchers for non residents can be purchased at the Front Desk . Room Heating / Cooling System Each room has an electric baseboard heater with a thermostat that only controls heat. Care should be taken to ensure items are kept 12 inches away from the baseboard heaters. Windows should remain closed and the floor vent open for the A/C to adjust to room temperature. Floor vents can be closed for your own comfort; please DO NOT block floor vents with foreign objects. Commerce You must receive written permission from both CNRL and ESS in order to conduct business in the camp facilities; this includes fundraising for charities. 17