Canadian Musician - September/October 2017 - Page 50

The Job of the Microphone Microphones translate minute changes in air pressure into electricity. They are, at their core, transducers that imitate human hearing. Some mi- crophones are designed to alter or colour the sound source and others aim to be real-world representations of what the human ear perceives. Knowing the desired outcome before putting up a mic is often a great approach when it comes to the (sometimes) daunting task of capturing of sound. Types of Microphones There are several types of microphones, each with their own design characteristics and roles. Here, we touch base on three of the most popular types for music and voice production in a studio environment: Dynamic The most ubiquitous style of microphone in a live performance setting, dynamic mics translate sound into electricity with a fixed magnet and a moving diaphragm, much like a speaker in reverse. Dynamic mics are simple and sturdy in their construction and relatively inexpensive. The best example of a popular dynamic model is the Shure SM58, a mic de- signed for the voice and arguably the most popular of [[YKY][ۘ[\\΂[H[HZX ۘ\K\[X™[JK[XXZ]\X[]\Z]\X[]]˂\X\\X΂(B\Y[]ܙX]X\[YHZX[ۜ¸(B[ \Z]Y܈]H[\ۛY[\^H\H\ۙHYYX¸(B[ \Z]Y܈\]]H›X\XX]Y[[ \Z]Y܈H[\\¸(B[^Z[X\XZ]\\B\Y[[\]H[™܈X[\[][ۈ[HZ^\\XHH[Z]HYX (BH\X\\X][X\›[ܙH[\HZXܛۙB]\H[\B[[ZX[ZX‘[[ZX[[Y[ZX”Xۂۙ[\\H\HH[X\]Z]\[HوZXܛۙH[HY[[\ۛY[ B\X\Yۈ\]\]YH]Y[[KۙHو\H]\\^Y[HH\X\HX\YKHX\YHX]\[[XY˜H[\H[\HX][ۜ[HH\[H]Y[H]\X[\H\X][KYH\X^[\\\HH][X[H\Y\H K]Y[UXXH [X[H[ܙKY][ۘ[\\΂[[[YX X\XZ]\[Hݙ\XYܘ\[[[Y[B[[XX[HZX]˂\X\\X΂(B\H]Z[Y[[Xܛ[\]Y[Y\¸(BY\X\]\YX[[^H\H[ܙH\\XHYYB\[[Y[[ݙ\[KؘXܛ[\B(B[\[H]HHY\܈8'\'H]][[[ZX¸(B\]Z\H  ܈\[YH\\HXHH]\H܈X[\(B\\XH]\H\ۜۘ[X\[B[\\X[Y[Y܈HZZ[وHXB(B\\XH[[\KH[[\]HHZXܛBۙH\[\[H\YH\\YK\KYX\YHۙ[\L8(HHHHHHHHHX[ YX\YHۙ[\XۈZXܛۙ\\H\X\Yۈ]\XZ[H\\[K\HZX۝Z[ۙH܈^YXYۙ]]H\H[[[Y[وܜY]Y[[Z[[H]Y[[H]X]\[X][ YH\ܙX]Y[H[[Z[[H[[Y[\\X[ܝXܛH^YXYۙ] ^[\\[HX^H[[\\HB]\\[\Y\ LKH[]\[QPH[[˂Y][ۘ[\\΂ܘ\[[[Y[H\\KYH[H[\\[ۈ\ B\KY][Y\[]˂\X\\X΂(B\X\[8'XK^x'H[[¸(B\]X¸(BܙX][\ۜB(BY\HZYX\]\YX[[X[۝\HX]B(B[\[H\]Z\HHY B[\Y[HZXܛۙHKB[\ \H\YۈݚY\B][YH]](B[\[HX\ [\\\HY(B\\XH[Z]HYBX YX[[[ܙH[X[][]\\HZX\˜\H[\B(B[X]K\H[[Z[[H[ B[Y[\\\][]YY ][YH\\”XۈZXܛۙ