Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 59

RECORDING Ryan Worsley is a producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter who owns Echoplant Sound Recording Studios in Vancouver. He has worked with Dear Rouge, Emilie & Ogden, Said the Whale, Courage My Love, and others. By Ryan Worsley A Grab Bag of Mic Tips Drums with an Edge I really like sending miked signals into guitar amps, es- pecially with drums. When I’m tracking drums, I usually have an amp miked up in the bathroom with an SM7 on it that I can send any of the close mics to. Typically, it will be a kick or snare… or both. You can do this right off the console via sends, or back out of your DAW sends, but make sure that everything is in phase (especially when sending kick and snare together). Sometimes I’ll add a bunch of spring reverb from the amp, or keep it tight and punchy. I also like to do something similar but with pedals and a Radial EXTC. I’ll send the snare mic to the EXTC and send it through my guitar effects pedals. Usually I