Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 56

The Gear Yamaha Oak Custom Drums Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Murat Diril Cymbals CM: Do you feel the need or pressure to “fill out the sound” as a duo while writing and performing? MH: Over time, we have worked on our sound to make it the best it can be from our point of view. When we recorded [2014’s] • 14-in. Regular Hats Cities Away, we weren’t taking the band as seriously and didn’t • 18-in. Fast Crash know if it would be the last • 18-in. Mosaic Crash album we would ever record, • 19-in. Brilliant Crash so we wanted to have fun with • 22-in. Mega Bell Heavy Ride the studio process. We put additional layers on it, including multiple guitar tracks, bass, and a small piano and violin bit. For Feeling Disconnected, we wanted to strip it down to reflect our live show. I think on our next record, we’ll split the difference. CM: What do you think it is about Winnipeg that fosters such strong punk rock bands? Has the culture of the city had a particular effect on you as a drummer or musician in general? MH: Before we moved back to Winnipeg five-and-a-half years ago, Jenna [Priestner, guitar/vocals] and I were living in Vancouver and were still figuring out our sound as a band. Vancouver didn’t have much of a punk scene; it was mostly indie pop and we didn’t find a community of musicians we felt we belonged with. When we moved to Winnipeg, everything became easier. It must be that community that holds other bands up and makes them want to be better. Ultimately, everyone just wants to be as good as Propagandhi [laughs]. CM: You’ve toured with Against Me!, a band continually solidifying its place as one of the greatest punk bands of all time. What did you learn from that experience – anything specifically related to drumming from Atom Willard? MH: Touring with Against Me! was a dream. They are all lovely people with so much energy and honesty on stage and watching them made us wan ЁѼ)́ѕх́ѡ䁅ɔ$ѥձɱ䁱ٕ݅э%m)ͽt)=Ёѕȁѡܰ͡$ѽ܁Սո݅́٥)݅́ɥ͕͔ѡЁЁѥձȁeЁЁ͕)$ѡ՝ЁѼ͕q=,ٕ%̳́tЁ䁥ѡɽݐ)ݽձٔݸ͔͡ѡɽ՝ЁݥѠ͵́%)׊eɔх׊eɔЁаȁЁѼиQՑ)ݥٔɔոѽ́ՍͽյȁɕЁͽ!݅)ٕѥٔɽ́ݥѠ́ѥ٥ݡ$ͭȁи!)ٕչ䁑յ́ȁ!́ѕ́ѱ́)݅́ɥѼ݅эٕ䁹и)I典MٕɄ́ͥɹЁ٥ͥ!ٕ́ѼхɥєЁѡ́ͥɕѕ!́ͥȁ ͥչ)Ёѡх͕́ɕɐѽɕ́ݡЁɥѥ܁Qݥѕȁ啉ɕĸ(؃ 8$84TL$ $8