Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 51

Jord y k s e l o Sam JS: Considering the state of the environment, whenever possible, I try to purchase used gear. I’ve been successful in acquiring what we need for our band drum-wise via eBay and Kijiji. So, I bought a kit off of a guy on Kijiji here in Winnipeg who had it just sitting in his closet for a number of years. We picked it up last fall and recorded with them for the last record. It’s a very good condition used kit. CM: What is the one thing you can’t go without behind the kit? JS: I think the one thing that drew us to the kit when we were doing pre-production stuff was that the kick sounded really good. If you’d asked me this question last year, it would’ve been the snare drums. We’ve been rolling with some snares that have kind of appeared on everything since [Toda ( 2V&W2F'&~( 26W5VFF2&V6&B'WBvVBvFFR7VvvW7F2bFRwW2vPvW&Rv&rvFFR7GVF&WBvpƗGFR&R76RFR7GVF&fFRV"W&RvVr2VFR&BbvV"6GFr&VB6vRG&VBfWrFffW&VB6&RG'V2( bFBfBFFR&VFfR&6R&B&WGFW"द&B6W62FRG'VW"BfVFrV&W b&vFv6RFW7B&V6&B2#~( 2f7F'आR6֖vBfR&VVFRvW7B&VB&7V7@FRvVr&VW"VwVR6WVG'G&gB2G&g@V"bFW&RWfW"v27V6FrFRvV 4ӢvB2FR7B&V6VBV6RFFVBFW"ƗfR6WBWBvFBBV&FB7C&vFV&7FW'27GVF&&6G'V0( "֖&6FЮ( ""֖&6FЮ( "2֖&6FЮ( "b֖f"FЮ( "#"֖6&RB6W67626&PFb7FR7&0( "FR֖G2Gv&GF2( 2P7FW'6VBbRWr&VB( "F֖7W7FVFV7&6( "F֖7W7F&V7F7&6( "F#֖7W7F6( "7FR#( vW"&FPEr6W&W26VFV&&Gv&P&B6W6f"&6b&vF7GVF4ӢRB&vFg&F6&0fR&VVrFvWFW"66PBV7Bbr2W"&6FG'V֖r6vVBfW"FRV'33RrvVvRf'7BvBFF27GVfbFPW62v6( B6rG6Vb2V6B6VVVBƖPFW&Rv2W72GFVFF&GV7BB7GR6vR6RBB2( 6VbFVvN( W662vRvW&PW7BG'rFfwW&RWBrFvWBf7FW"BFvBvRvFVBFFBFRFRfW"FRV'22vR&V6&FVBBv2v2&BbvWW6vVv^( BvFvF6Ɩf&F&V6&BFP( 2ƖR( Ćǒ6BvRVVBF&R&RƗ6VB( ХFVvVvRFB7W'Fr67FRvRvW&V( @&V6&FrFr&SWfW'Frv0FvFBFR&F2WFBv2V&VFW2गBv2vV&B&V6W6RR6VBvWBvvFB&R'WB^( &R6W6VBB&RvFWfW'Fr&VrVFW"FR֖7&66R( bFR&W7@FrFBvRFBf"F2&V6&Bv2FrbFPFV2B&R&GV7FvVGf6R4Ӣ7VrbFV7G'V7GW&W2@6vW2f"f7F'vB6RFVW2&WBr6w27V62( w&VF( @( GfVGW&W266>( ( 26w2FBfPVFR7G'V7GW&6vW2( 26RFvWFW#2BR22( "S