Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 49

Canadian Musician’s Rock-Focused 2017 Drum Special hether it’s in the studio, on the road, or on stage in the middle of a song, our panel of drummers reveals that comfort is the key ingredient to a happy and hard-hitting musical life; however, in the world of rock and roll, comfort isn’t always a given, and the recipe varies for each of our players. Thankfully, the honest words of our panelists shed light on finding comfort while facing new W By Ryan Shuvera challenges or tackling recurring conce rns. Our panel for this years’ feature is comprised of Glenn Milchem (Change Of Heart and Blue Rodeo), Jord Samo- lesky (Propagandhi), Adam Paquette (The Glorious Sons), Maya Miller (The Pack A.D.), Kurt Dahl (One Bad Son), Jesse Labovitz (No Warning and Headstones), and Marcia Hanson (Mobina Galore). Grab a comfortable spot and settle in with the words and sounds of the wise.