Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 44

Welcome to Inbox by Google. It’s like a five-string Gmail with ac- tive pickups, a Leo Quan badass bridge, and every note is the brown note. Content-wise it is Gmail; however, its presentation varies from your grandpa’s Gmail and is intended for forward thinkers like you. Have you ever missed an important email because it got lost amidst all of your Old Navy/Bulk Barn promos and loads of completely hilarious and useful forwards from that one family member? Inbox automatically sorts and groups all promotional mail, social media What about when you get an important email that requires your attention but you can’t respond im- mediately? Snooze it! Again, whenever the specified snooze time is up, Inbox will notify you that you have a “new” item. You respond when you’re ready but still in a timely manner and avoid getting labeled as one of those people that never responds or just getting ig- nored for the gig next time. You can also keep hitting that snooze button like a teenager/employed adult on a Monday. Sorta like how I constantly revisit that time Joe Dart responded to my email. #Vulfpeck. I receive music-related emails during the day and because I’m at my IT job, I’ll snooze them until lunchtime or after the kids’ bedtime or simply for when I’m at home. Which reminds me (see what I did there?), Inbox even has incredible location-based reminders that you can use in conjunction with Google Now. Yes, you may get strange looks talking out loud to your phone like it’s your personal assistant, but it’s worth it. “Ok Google. Remind me to send setlist and charts to the band when I’m at home. Remind me to book my vacation for the jazz festival when I’m at work. Remind me to buy new bass at Long and McQuade.” Next time you step in that door, your phone will beep and remind you. Do you have a task that you do daily? You can create repeating reminders so that, at the same time every day, it notifies you to research online music sales opportuni- ties or Google your own name or cycle through every ra- dio station possible to see if your single is being played. Hey, I bet you have more than one email address and 44 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N updates, financial updates, purchase confirmations, etc. together in groups and leaves your important email highlighted and exposed. You respond to the important emails that have response-awaitin )յ́ԁݥѠѡЁѡȁՙݡ׊eɔ݅ѥ)ѡ́ȁͥѥѡɐɥԁٔ)%Ёͼͽѕ́ȁɅٕ́ɥѥͼѡɗé)ɔ͕ɍȁЁȁѕɵѥ)=ѽ́ѽѥͽѥɕ̰)$ͽѕ䁍ձЁٔݥѡ)%é͹锁ɔeԁeЁ݅)ٔѡѼݥѠ)ɕՕ́ѕ䰁ɥ])ѡ%͹镐ͼѡ)Ё́ѕȁ́Ё݅́܁)饹eԁ͕ٕٔɅѥ́ɔ)Ց͹饹Ѽѕȁєѥ)ȁɕ̽ѥ%)́ȁɕȁ͹)ѥ́ȁ͍ձ