Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 27

PHOTO: RYAN LAGUE BASS Isabelle Banos is the bass and synth player in Montreal alt-pop band Caveboy. She’s been playing music since the age of 12, has been a SOCAN Kenekt songwriter, and has toured with artists including Ria Mae, Scott Helman, and Dear Rouge. By Isabelle Banos Removing the “X-Factors” Tips & Tricks for Jumping from Bars to Festivals T o this day, I am still haunted by two moments from my past per- formances: a time where my bass feed was glitchy and crackly for an entire show, totally distorting each song, and a time where I travelled too far to one side of the stage, yanking my bass cable out of the amp, as I continued to play a completely silent bass riff for a confused audience. For me, the worst part about these instances wasn’t the fact that they happened, but that they were completely avoidable and even in- stantly solvable. As I’ve come to realize, it often takes silly mistakes and looking kind of dumb to wake me up and whip me into shape so I can improve. Turns out this cheeky little reality of life is just as relevant with bass playing. Lucky for you, I’ve made plenty of mistakes over the years that you can learn from. You’re welcome. 1. Build Your Backup Plan There are probably about 500 things that could go wrong during a live performance. Many of them are completely out of your control, but just as many are in your control, so why not have a rock-solid plan to deal with as many of them as possible? When it comes to playing bass, the “extras” really go a long way. Something as simple as always having extra picks could save you if the one you usually use mysteriously vanishes from the inside of your phone case right before you walk on stage. I stuck a $3 Dunlop Scotty Pick Holder to the back of my headstock and it im- mediately became a game-changer. It’s one thing that you can always easily cross off your mental checklist. Depending on your specific set-up, other extras you should always have handy (most of them should be on stage with you) are: instru- ment cables of various lengths, batteries, AC adaptors, stage plots, setlists, and strings. While it’s a lot less common for a bass string to break, it can definitely still happen and usually will at the W W W. C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N . CO M worst possible moment, so be as prepared as you can be. You should be comfortable chang- ing your strings in a poorly lit backstage area, or in a moving van. But what if a string breaks in the middle of a song? smartphone, a laptop, anything! It doesn’t have to be the best quality, just enough to capture your performance in a way that can show you what you’re d r&vBBvBRVVBF6vR"W6RW"&7F6RFRv6VǒBvWB6g7FvPW2&7F6rW"66W2Bw&fW227RЧW"'FB'WBN( 2WVǒ'FBFf@&7F6RFRf"FR7V6f72bW"7GV6WBv66VFW2RwVW76VBB&7F6rW &6W6vBb7G&r'&V2GW&r6sPBFW"7G&r6VG2V7VVv&vC'WBFR7G&W72bFRVB6Ц&VBvFFRW66RV'br^( &PW6VBFrBW6rFR7G&r7FVB`FRR7G&rf"6r6fVVƖR''W6rW FVWFvFW"( &N( BG'BN( 2vV&BvR&6FV6FVBF6WB6FR6P&7F6RFRFvWB6f'F&RrWfW'6vRRbW"6w22FVvv2֗76p7V6f27G&r6R6w2&&Vǒ6vVBFW'2F6RG&7F2&W6Fr'WBpN( 2W7BFW"FrFBF( BfRFv''&WBBFr6FRR&WGFW"@&R6fFVBW"FW"Fw2&V6VB&7F6rЦ6VFR7FvR&FW"Bb7FvR( fW>( Ц"G&fVƖrRFFvRW&f&֖rBW"6WBWBFVFv&7F6RЦrBV6BFV&7F6RrBWfVV6W"fVrW662BfVVR7FfbvfRRf"BRvG2FFW"vFVЧ7W&Vǒ6&Rw&W"2RfRWF&vvW"7FvW2^( &R&V@F6RfW26v66rWfVG2F@fVGW&R6WfV&G2R7FvBF0W7VǒV2Fr'WBƖR6V6@FVvW&f&FW6R6GVF26vWB&RЦǒ7G&W76gV&Vǒf7B6R7W&R^( &R6ЦfFVBvrvBRVVBf"V6@bW&f&6Rf"WRv2rF@VVBג&72F&RVFRVB&V@RBF6fRVFVBb&70גvVFvRF"bFN( 2vWBFV( FV6ƖRFR7W&RfRגFV6WBЧFrvFWfW"( W6rb^( &RW6p^( &RB7WW"f֖Ɩ"vFFR֖WFRFfwW&RBWBBfB&VBF@RƖRN( 2'FBR7W&RR6( &Vf&^( B( gFW.( FbFR"6WGFw2`FW'2vW6RBFR6RvBB^( VV@F6vRFV&6F( B&Rg&BFfPFw2&VBF7&VFRFRBb76RF@RVVBGW&W"vVFvRF"fRW gW'FW"&66vRFRvRbW"֖07FB2r2RR7W&RFfrFP66FR'VRN( 2VFW'7FBFBRfR&vBFvWB26f'F&R276&Rf"W W&f&6RFW"'FBF2Fv0&FR6VVBbW"WVVBW6p7RFRFR7FvRf"bRVVBFfR"FVFv&Vf&RW"W&f&6R2fW"6W@F22RbFR&W7BV6W2bGf6R( fRWfW vGFVfW"&VV'62fW"ƗfRW"Цf&6W2WfVfW"W'6&7F6RN( 27'V6F6VRBV"vBW"VFV6PvBF227V6w&VBvF&6BvB^( fR&VVFrF6VRvBv&0BvBFW6( BBFfB67G'V7FfRv0FRR&WGFW"F26&RFRvF( fRBBbƗGFRB6R&rFw2vw&rF&VvWBגW&f&6R6&VW"6f"'WBfFr6Rv2F&VfR2琦bFW6R( ǂf7F'>( 26g&FRWVFআ2FRv&BbFffW&V6R( fR&fV@2W66B2W&f&W"B( &WGG7W&Rג7G&W72&VFVB6W7FW&WfV2fPvW&VB6vf6FǒF2BR22( "#