Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 26

KEYBOARDS Attila Fias is a pianist, composer, and producer with a passion for blending world music with jazz. He has performed with many outstanding musicians, including Indian stars Zakir Hussain, A.R. Rahman, and acclaimed NYC jazz harmonica virtuoso Hendrik Meurkens. His latest original jazz album, Ride, was released in October 2016 and is available on iTunes, Spotify, other digital platforms, and CD. For information about his various ensembles, videos, recordings, and upcoming performances, visit By Attila Fias Reharmonizing Your Own Compositions C Approaches to Composing As a Composing & Arranging Tool omposing is a personal process for everyone, and there are many different approaches one can take when creating a new piece. If you start with a particular rhythmic pattern or a groove, for example, you set the character of the piece, and work from that. You can also begin with a chord progression and build a piece from a harmonic foundation. A musical texture can also create an atmosphere upon which you can elaborate. Then there is melody. Perhaps the best way to capture the ear of your audience is with a great melody, as it rep- resents the human voice. But composing a unique melody can be tricky, as it can often feel as if it sounds familiar, has been done before, or is just not interesting or beautiful enough. The piano as a compositional vehicle, even for non-pianists, is very common, because it offers certain advantages. The straightforward visual layout and the ability to hear and experiment with harmonies instantly are two very useful features th ][\YX\Y[H[]ZXK\\[HY][[و[\][ۈ\]X\XK\H\H]H\8$ZXY[H\][\ۈYX\[Y[\[[Y[ˈ\[\[\[H\و\B[[\H[H[]\X[ۜ܈][\[Y\[H\H[XYB[\YHYXK[[]H]YH][KYH]]Z[[˂^\[Y[]X[HY\[ܙ[Y[\^ܙ]^[[ۜ[[H[YH\]\][H[^XY\[ۚX˜\[Y[\[\X[^H]\H\YH[[X[[[\Y[H][HY&]ܙ\YKٝ[\\[YݛH\\[Xܘ][ۈو[\[KܙX] B[]X[ۜ][YX\ˈHY[H[ܜ[K[H[ܙKB]HH[وܙۛXY]\HHY[X[KX[ž[H^\[Y[][][\X[\[ۚX[ݙ[Y[[[\]\X[ۜ[HݚY[H[YZ[[[Y[[\\][ۋ\][HX\]YK۸&]ݙ\] \XۘH[H]HۙBYHZ\[ۚ^][ۈ[\[HYXH[۝^\HKXZB\H]\۸&][۝]Y ]]]H[H[x&\H[[YHݙ\[XHوHۙˈ[^]\[ܙH\X]H [[[ۊBZ\[ۚ^H]H]\H[]H\H\[ۚX[XYH\]BXY[] ]][H\Y[[[H[K\H\\H[]]\ٝ[H]Z[]]HHYXH]˜\X\[[]YX[]K[][Y\H]\ܙ\H[\K]H[]]B^ H\[^\وH^YXHHܛH[\۸&]Y]]\ٚYY] H[Z\[ۚ^Y] ^ K[]H]Y[[]\]HBYXKH[]]X[ܙH[\\[ˈ\\H[[]\وBYXH[]Y8'XYHXܚXx'Hۈ^H[[[KܚY\˂Z\[ۚ^][ۂHܙX]X[و]\X\[\Z[\[۞K[\\[ۚXX\B۝X]\[Y[\HHݙ\[[وH\][ۋ[B[X]H]YH[HY[HH[[H\[۞H[\X]] Y[H\H]Z\[ۚ^][ۋ\\HX\]YH\H[HZB[^\[ۙ[\XHYHوHܙ]]ۙ\Z]\]H[Z[\]\H܈][[\[HY\[]X[]K][HY\HY[H \X[JH[XY [H[[Y]ܙ\B\H\HۙHYܙK\X[HۈXZ[Y[H\ۙX][HYX\\K܈[\X]ۙ[\ˈ[\]][K[H[[œ[[ݙHܙ[\HYXH[XZH][ܙH[X\\[ܙX]HX[H\\و[\[HYXKH[H[YܙܙX]\H[]\]]\X[\[ H]\B[ۚXܙ\[ۈ]]\[Y\[ܙ[H[ZHBYXH[H]\X[ۋHY\[Y[H]H[وH\H[[HH[وH[][ۈH^X[ۋH][و\\Y][[H[YH][]H[]ق] ][H[[\\HX[[\܈Z\Y][\ۈYY[[]\YY]^K[H][ [[H\H\X[ܙXZH\H]H]ܙ[]HHY[HH[[H]HY[HY\][]\8(HHHHHHHHH^ B^