Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 20

ROAD TEST ART TubeMix 5-Channel Mixer with USB Interface By Adam Gallant Applied Research and Technology (ART) has greatly expanded its USB line this year. Here, we’re reviewing one of those additions: ART’s TubeMix five-channel mixer with assignable tubes and USB functionality. The unit boasts a wide va- riety of features and takes full advantage of what ART is perhaps best known for: tube preamps. Features & Use The ART TubeMix is a USB audio interface that also serves as a five-input mixer. It contains two low-noise microphone preamp channels with selectable phan- tom power. Channels three and four are stereo line level inputs and the fifth chan- nel features a high-impedance 1/4-in. instrument input. All five channels have independent three-band EQs, aux sends, and pan controls. The TubeMix contains a dual-triode 12AX7 tube that can be applied to the input of channels one and two (separately or simultaneously) or the instrument channel (five) via a top panel switch. In addition to the tube option, the instrument channel has an amp simulation switch – a nice touch for gui- tar players looking for some quick harmonic colour, as the amp simulation is a very usable model of a guitar amp and speaker cabinet. The three-band EQ sounds great with wide Q and fixed frequency points. We have 12 kHz on the top, 2.5 kHz on the mids, and 80 Hz on the low end. These frequency points are well thought out and ideal for addressing problem areas with voice, such as plosives in the low end or a lack of clarity in the highs. The two aux sends and returns are available on all five channels and are connected via 1/4- in. TRS. Each channel also offers a pan pot and output level control for fine-tuning a stereo mix. All of the expected knobs, such as EQ and pan, are stepped at the 12 o’clock position. 20 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N provides all necessary routing options. With wood paneling and classic- looking analog VU meters, the TubeMix has a refreshingly uncluttered and profes- sional look. The black chassis has a glossy finish, is heavy, and the onboard text is white, easy to read, and intelligently laid out. For add ѥѕɥIP)ՑݥɅѕɕ1ѕ)ݥѠ͕хͽɍ)Qˊéɽѥ́ɔ)ͥٔݥѠɽ́ȁIɹ̰UM)Iɸ551ٕ ɽI)!̸ٕ́ɑ݅ɔ)ɔ٥ЀļеQILѡЁ)ݕɑ䁅՝)Qեе́ݕəհ)ٽፕ͔́ѥ)́ͥ䁉ɽѕ٥ѡд)̰̰ȁɽɽЁ)ѡͥɕɅѥQQՉ5)ݽձݕݥѠISé)ȁٔѡȁ͕ͥȁəɵ)ɕɑ)QQՉ5ͼ́ѕɕх)Ց٥UMȸЀ؁́ѡȀиā,(,ͅɅѕ́ѼȁɕɕՑ)ͽ݅ɔQɥٕ́ɔA 5)ѥݕɔѽѥ䁥х)ȁՑé]̀ѕݥѠ͔)Qɔ́ѥͽ݅ɔѼݽȴ)䁅Ё́ѡɽЁѡɑ݅ɔ)Mյ)́ѥѡ́ѕə͕ٕ́)ͥ՜UMɥٕȁݥѠ)ɽɥх䁍ɽͽ݅ɔQ)͔͔́ѡQՉ5)ѕȰȰȁ٥ѕ)ɕѽȁѼ͔ͭѽ)ͽѥȁѡȁՑ̸)ɽͥȁˊé)ѥٔѡ́չЁ́Ё͕̰)ݡ́ѡѼѕ䵙ɕ)Ёѽɥ䁉ѡЁݥѠ)ѡUMɕɸѥ䰁Ё́ɕ)ѥȁ役ݡЁѼɽє)ՑѼAݡͥձхͱɕ)UMՑѼȁɽѕȸ)eԁݽձɐɕ͕ѼԴ)ѕəЁѡ́ɥɽ᥵ѕ䀐) ѡЁ́́ݕե́ѡQՉ5)]ѠՉȰDͥձѽȰ)ӊéȁIṔɕѡ́չЁѽ݅ɑ́)́ͥ쁡ݕٕȰѡɵЁ)ѡ́ȁ́Ёɕٕͅѥ)ɕЁЁȁѕ̰ѕ̰)役ɕѥѕЁѡЁ݅Ʌ́ɕд)ͽչՑ)Ё́ݽɭ́х)ՑɽՍѥɽͥͥѥ)ѼѥЁՑȁѕ٥ͥ) !ɕѱ䁽ݹ́Ʌѕ́Q!)MչMՑ ɱѕѽݸA