Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 18

CADENCE WEAPON AS HEARD ON... For the full interview, listen to the Sept. 13, 2017 episode CM: For a long time, it seems that there was little industry infrastructure to support rap artists in Canada. Has that changed? Cadence Weapon: I feel like it’s still not there. Like when I go on tour in the States, when I turn on the radio, there is a station that is dedicated to rap and R&B in pretty much every major city and the demographics aren’t that different than a place like Toronto. So what’s the excuse? Why can I not easily listen to this music on the radio? And not to say that radio is the be-all and end-all, but it also dictates culture and it changes things in your society… When I go to L.A., all you hear is PARTYNEXTDOOR on the radio, all you hear is Drake, all you hear are artists from Toronto. So why is that success not reflected more on a day-to-day basis all across Canada? I don’t get it. I wish there was a station like that in every city across Canada and we had the option, because you don’t know how much more our scenes could grow with that kind of public accep- tance. It means a lot. For the CBC, why can’t they make a show that is only that music? I’m ready right now, I’ll host that show! I can fill up an hour or more of Canadian-only rap and R&B and dancehall and make it dope, and it doesn’t need to be tokenism. It’s very doable, so what’s the excuse? Kylie Miller of Jeff Beaulieu of THE BEACHES YOUR FAVORITE ENEMIES For the full interview, listen to the Sept. 20, 2017 episode For the full interview, listen to the Aug. 30, 2017 episode CM: How did that come to be that you worked with Met- ric’s Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw as producers? Have they ever co-produced something together outside of Metric? CM: When going back through the archives for the new box set, A Journey Beyond Ourselves, as well as the storybook, A Story About Between Illness and Migration, did it shed new light on past experiences and material? Kylie Miller: No, this is the first record they’ve ever produced! Emily, in the past, has shown an interest in developing and working with a band to expand her role as H]\XX[[ܚ] B\[HܛوX[ˈHXX[HXY\ۂ[[H]\Z[]\YX\ˈH\Y[^\[Y[[]]H HXX[H]HH]]X[Y[[Y\[X[\[HYHX[HܙX][YB][KH[Y\[H\[ۈ]\\YBYHZYܚ[]\[]HXH\YHYY][]Y[\ˈHۙX][HXY\˜[H\Hۈ]^HX]\H^H\[H[\]H\HZ[[Y&]Hݙ\\X]H] XX[H[H[\[\XX[H[HXB[ۈYHو[ˈ^H\\]X[H[\H[H\BX[KX[H\H]]^\Y[Hوܚ[[H[[Y\\[[HY^H[XHHXܙ[^H\H\\ۘ\[X[H[] YX][Y]Nو\K][XX[H[X^[Y[\[\H\\ۙ\ˈH[x&\H\\HY^H]HX[YKH[ۛH\H[ ][˜\[KX]\H\H\H[Y\[[x&\HXX[]ž[\ܘ^Y\X[\]\H\H[]\HY\[[BXH] [[[\[X]\\HY[܈[K]8&\š\ܙX]]\]H[]^x&\\X]KKB]\H[[x&\H[HZYو[] [H۸&]X[Hۛ]8&\[ۋ[H^[و] []8&\\X[B]HH\X]Hۈ] 8)H]H\H\^\Y[B[H[^\]H][\]H\HZ[H\[\x&]H[^\Y[H[Y\^HH]ق]8&\HX[ܞWHZ[[و] ]X[YYXH[[و\]8&\\]]8&\X[[]8&\X[ H[˂\[XH\H[] ]8&\]\\X] \[]\\\و[YX[]\XX[Y[]\HY\^H] KU]˘[YX[]\XX[Y[˘KY\[ZY\[XX\\H\\]Y]H]H[[HX\Y][H[YH܈ۛYY\[U[\\ N8(HHHHHHHHH