Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 12

CHANGES At its annual general meeting on Oct. 17 th , Mu- sic Canada released The Value Gap: Its Origins, Impacts and a Made-in-Canada Approach, the first comprehensive report about the “value gap” and the solutions available to Canadian policy makers. The value gap is defined as the significant disparity between the value of creative content that is accessed by consum- ers, and the revenues that are returned to the people and businesses who create it. Music Canada says the core of the problem is misapplied and outdated “safe harbour” pro- MUSIC CANADA PRES. GRAHAM HENDERSON visions in copyright law, which result in creators having to forego copyright royalty payments to which they should be entitled. To address these inequities, Music Canada's report prescribes four government actions: 1) address safe harbour laws and exceptions, as well as the cross-subsidies that have been added to the Copyright Act; 2) review the Copyright Act for instances that allow others to commercialize creative works without properly remunerating artists, and end these cross-subsidies; 3) remove the $1.25 million radio royalty exemption, which requires radio stations to only pay $100 in performance royalties on their first $1.25 million of advertising revenue; and 4) amend the definition of “sound recording” in the Copyright Act to allow performers and creators of recorded music to collect royalties when music is part of a TV/film soundtrack. For more information or to download the full report, go to Feds Overhaul Support for Arts Industries Speaking to the Economic Club of Canada on Sept. 28 th , Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly outlined Creative Canada, the federal government’s new strategy for the creative economy and a renewed policy approach to strengthen the country’s creative sector. While a $500 million agreement with Netflix received the bulk of the media atten- tion, the government also promised to modernize the Canada Music Fund within two years, but few details were given on how. Joly says the government will support Cana- dian music artists and entrepreneurs to develop specialized business, promotion, and performing skills so they can break into international markets. Funding will also support entrepreneurs in developing competitive, modern marketing strategies. Joly says the government will increase its contribution to the Canada Media Fund. A specific dollar amount on the funding increase was not announced, but she says the purpose is to make up for the decline in levies from cable and satellite distributors and top-ups from Ottawa will start next year. There will also be $125 millio Ёѽ݅ɑ́ѡ) ɕѥٔЁMɅѕѼɽєхєѡЁ ѕиQ)ٕɹЁݥͼɕє ɕѥٔ%ɥ́ չ % ݡݥ٥͔ѡ)ٕɹЁ݅́ѼɅѥȁɽѠɕѥٔɥ̸(ȃ 8$84TL$ $8)M= 8Aȁ()Aɽ٥I共)QɅ٥Ѽ)4YՕ)5ͥ Aɕ͍ɥٕ́ɹЁѥ́Ѽ) ͔YՔ)M= 8́ѹɕݥѠAȁ( ȴ)ɅѥѼѡЁͥɥ)ɝѥ9ѠɥѼ͔)ɕЁхфɅѥѕ)-UY<Ѽѥ䁕ɽͥ)əɵ́ѽѥ䁥эՉ)ѡȁɽٕͥՕ̸)M= 8́ɽ٥Aˊé-UY<)٥ѼэՉ̰ݥѠѡ)QɽѼɕ́ѥЁ)ѡȁM= 8͔ͥɕи)Q٥՝́Ѽ+é᥹ɐ)ɥхфɽѡͥݡ)́ѡѕɕ啐ѼM= 8)Ѽхձєɥєɽ共ѥ́ɔ)ɅѕѼѡɥЁ́ѡ)ͥ-UY<́ѼɔѡЁѡȴ)ɕЁݹ͕́ͥэՉ)ɔͅѕɅѕ䁙ɽѡ)͕ͥ́ɕ䁉)ȁɔɵѥхЁM= 8(شԴܹͽ+5齽M= 8ɔѕɅѥ)ѡȁٔəɵɕѥѕ)́ѼЁͥȁȁͽɥѕ́Ѽ)ɕٔѡȁٔəɵɽ共ѥ)ɽM= 8Q5齽MѱЁIѕ)ѕ䁕ٕ́Օ́ѼɕЁٔ)́͡əɵ́ѼՉЁѡ)͕ѱ́ե䁅ͥ䰁ѕɅѥݥѠ)M= ;é9ѥ1ٔ5ͥAəɵ)ѥɽɅѕə)ܹͽ