Canadian Musician - November/December 2017 - Page 11

have to get some help and we help them with that,” explains Power. “The person has to be in a situation where they’re not able to afford whatever they need. So, if they become unemployed and have diffi- culty finding new work programs, if they’re ill and they can’t work, or if they are working and need dental surgery, well it’s kind of hard to focus on your job every day when your face is killing you because of dental pain. So it’s really whatever the situation is, we’re there to help and to listen and provide the services that we can.” Because Unison is still a relatively new organization, one of its biggest challenges is simply making people aware of its ser- vices. Thankfully, there are folks John Cody like John Cody who are spread- ing the word about how Unison has helped them. Cody, an ac- complished singer-songwriter and composer who has written songs for Tom Cochrane and Bonnie Raitt, among others, was diagnosed with cancer in his co- lon and then larynx a few years ago, which resulted in the loss of his singing voice and deteriorat- ing health. While Unison makes confidentiality a primary con- cern, never sharing the names of those it helps, Cody made the choice to share his story to help raise awareness and money for the organization. It was Frank Davies, the famed music producer, publisher, and founder of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, who told Cody about Unison when he was first diagnosed about five years ago. “It’s a fairly harrowing journey,” Cody says of his battle with cancer, “and I am not the kind of person who is squeamish about therapy. I don’t have some kind of peculiar sense of denial about needing it and so I took advantage of it as soon as I was aware of it.” Like everybody who needs Unison’s help, Cody called and spoke with Executive Director Sheila Hamilton to share his situation. Ham- ilton is the only person at Unison who ever knows the identities of the people the organization helps. She creates a summary of the person’s situation and matches it with an ID number to mai F6fFVFƗG&Vf&RBFVvW2F6֗GFVRF&fR2Ч67F6R( ĒFVvBFWvW&RfW'BBfVBFBFWvW&RfW'6&VV6fRBg&VFǒB'fW6ǒ֧VFvVVF( &V606Gb2f'7B6F7BvFV6( vVRfG2^( 26Vb6GVFGVRFVF"V&W"bFw2vW&R^( fR6PW6'Bf"&2"&VB"vFWfW"frFfWBƖ6Fগ2FRV7BbW"&&V2F( BFFBFV'22'F7V&ǐ6Ɩ6FVBBFWVW6fFVFƗGW"6VBFRǐ&V6VRr&WBvBV62FRf"R2&V6W6P( fR6Rf'v&BBFRǒ&V66Rf'v&B2&V6W6RF( BFVVvVR&Rv&RFBFW&R&VB( Хrrr2BR224ФFFFFFR6V6VƖr6W'f6W2FBV66FVW2F&fFRF&Vv&VR6WV6G62V66&fFV@f6&VƖVb'rf"RF( 2&VBB67WƖW0Fǒw&6W'vgB6&G2FVvFfB( ĒfVBfW'&VƖWfVB@FV6&Rbv( 626G( ĒFFBV62RbFR7B'FB6W'f6W2fЦ&RFVRFRW62GW7G'FFBVVG2F&R&V6rЦ旦VB27V67W'FVB27V6BגW'6f62FBVЧ6&VWfVBgVB2FRW66&W2b6F( 6G6FVW2&VfW&V6rFR&vW"@FW"R2&6VB6&G2Ч66FVBvFFR&V6&BЦr6FVגBw&אv&G2FFFRV60B&VV7FVB6vR&RЧVW7Bf"767F6RB@2FVWBFBv&fFVBB666RG0&fFRgVFr2FV@w&w2GVRFv&VW72&WGvVV#RB#bFW&Rv2RW"6V@7&V6RFRV&W"`6V6VƖr6W'f6W2&ЧfFVB'V6BG0VW&vV7f6762ЧF6R6W'f6W2w&WrWfV&R#b6&VBFFR&WfW2V"V6&V6VfVB#0W"6VB&RƖ6F2f"767F6Rv6&W7VFVBsW 6VB&RgVG2&VrF7G&'WFVBFF6RVW&vV76GVF2( vRFBfR6WFR7GW&Rb#rBF2FRrЦWfW"6FVR2bVR3FFB6V6VƖr6W'f6W2f"#pfR&VG&6VBW"6VBfW"#bvFf&ǒWV7Ɨ@&WGvVVW2CW"6VBBfVW2S"W"6VB6Ɩrf 767F6R( vW"FFVBfrWVFR6WFV&W"( f FRf6767F6R&w&v^( fR&VG7W'76VBFRFFV&W"bƖ6G2v&V6VfVBVW&vV7767F6R#b( ФFF( 2W62GW7G'vW&R&RB&R'26&VЦVfG2BV62fWvW"6ww&FW'2vWB6&VBV&Ɨ6rFV2BN( 2W7BvVW&ǒ&FW"f"FWVFVBW662FR7W7F&RƗfrg&FV"W62VW&vV7767F6R2VVFV@&RFWfW"( vFWBV6&6B&VFrG2Vr2&VƗGB06'FBFFR7W'ffbW"GW7G'BFG2'F7G2BFPVRvRFRW62FBgVVF2GW7G'( 626G( ĖFW&2bFRVRvVVBBFR7B'FBFr6V@62FBfVVwVGBFBfR6RFBfVVVFRЧ6W'fr"Vv'FbVN( 2FW&Rf"SFRGfFvRbBFRFRBBWBFRBVRW( Ф֖6V&R2FR6V"VFF"b6FW662BR22( "