Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 76

CLASSIFIEDS EDUCATION SONGWRITER GETAWAYS Combine songwriting workshops with a music vacation in Ontario, New Orleans, or Newfound- land. Organized by Toronto Songwriting School EMPLOYMENT Sales Representative – Erikson Commercial (Québec) – Great Work Environment!   JAM Industries is a leading distributor of consumer electronic goods, pro and commercial audio equipment, and musical instruments. To learn more about JAM Industries, please visit our website at We are currently seeking a talented, resourceful, confident candidate to join our team as Sales Representative for our Erikson Commercial Division, handling the Quebec territory as a whole. Erikson Commercial, which operates under Erikson Pro, is a Canadian distributor of installation audio and video solutions that span across installation commodity products, assistive listening, system control, and automation. Our market caters to audio and video systems contactors and integrators. The Sales Representative will be responsible for growing brands within the prescribed territory by contacting prospective customers and strengthening relationships with existing clients.   Specific responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: • Servicing existing accounts by maintaining inventory levels, performing staff training seminars, merchandising goods, and coordinating store promotions when needed; • Cold calling to prospects and existing customers; • Following up with new/existing customers, leads, and opportunities; • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of products and ensuring customers are informed of current and new products; • Attending trade shows, educational seminars, and sales meetings as required; • Completing administrative tasks in a timely manner, including weekly activity reports; • Providing excellent customer service and developing strong customer relationships; • Actively participating in weekly conference calls and sales meetings to improve sales efficiency and success;   Requirements: • Completed college; • 5 years Commercial Audio sales experience, ideally in distribution, manufacturing, or at the dealer level; • Knowledge of territory and dealers would be an asset; 76 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N ONLY 95¢ A WORD! • Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation required and must be able to travel regularly between customers located throughout Quebec and attend North American trade shows; • Able to work with all client levels, including dealers, end-users, consultants, etc.; • Self-motivated, self-starter who is well organized and enjoys a challenge; • Experience with and a strong commitment to customer service is essential. Must provide excellent customer service; • Can sell - proven track record; • Can handle difficult situations with diplomacy and tact; • Has a hunger to grow and succeed; • Strategic thinker - can think out-of-the- box and on your feet; • Able to work closely with management to ensure achievement of sales objectives; • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications; • Exceptional verbal, written, and presentation skills; • Engaging, likable, and confident; • Demonstrated organizational ability and follow-through; • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast- paced, dynamic environment; • Demonstrated ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision; Strong attention to detail;   While we appreciate your interest, please note that only qualified candidates will be contacted. Please contact: Human Resources – Kessia Funes, Audio Distributors International seeks a Musical Instrument Sales Person for Ontario. Ap ́Ё͕ѥمѕ)مձѥѕѡQٔ)ٕ͕́ݱѡ5$)ɕхɭи)Ḿɥ͕́и) ͅѥѥ́Ѽ)͍͕)ɥЁ́ͅɕ́ɔ)ɅѼ)A͔ɕյѼ)ɥɑ)=AA=IQU9%Q%L)eȁ=ݸ5ͥMѽɔM%́Aͥ)Iѥɥѱ)Mչ1ѥAɽՍѥ 䁽)Yٕȁ%ͱȁͅQɹ䁽Ʌѥ)ȁɔх̰ܴܸ)AI=U QL) Օɥ1éMхɥЀQɕMѕ́Ѽ)QAəɵ)5ɬMձ́əɵȁɔѡ)̀ܵ啅ȁɕȁ́ѡ)յȁȁͽѡɕѕЁͥ)ѥ́ѽ䰁ՑAɕȰ Ȱ) %Mѕ٥9̰M5̰ 役)QQɹȰYٕЁIٽٕȰٔ-谁)䁵ɔ)% Օɥ1éMхɥа5ɬ)ɕٕ́ѡɕɔ̰ѕх)ѽɥ̰ɍ͕́ѡЁԁѕ)ѼɅ͙ɴᥕѥ́ɕѕѼ)ɕ͕хѥչѥ)ȁəɵѼЁݽɱ)əɵ)=ɑȁȁѽ䁅Ё5ͥ ́Ā)!0ȀԸ؁ 8́L х)ܹ̹ͥԴ)MIY% L)5QIɑ́1ѐ͕́Ѽչѡ)եͥѥYMIɑͥ)ՑѡЁ́ɥɽՍѥ)͕٥̸)5QIɑ́́Yٕȵ͕)ɕɐɵ܁ͱ)QɅ٥́M-ЁM])́ȁѥϊdɕ̰Ց)ͽɥѥɕɑɥ)ɽՍѥѽɥɅѹ̰͡)ɍ͔͕̰ѕ٥ͥ)Չ丁]ɔ݅́ȁ)хл ܹ5QIɑ̹)] M%QL)ܹ̹ͥLɕٕ́(аɽՍ́Ց̰Սѥ)٥̰ I=5̰ͽ݅ɔMѡɕ)ٕɕɔ5ͥ ̰ͥMɥѥ)AՉ͡IɑՑAɽՍѥ)%յЁQՔYQɅ%ѕɹ)AɽѥՍɔMɕ)ɑɥ䁝ՅɅѕɕɽ)ͱѕȰѡ̰ݽɱݥ)͡Ё ѥѕ̸)Q