Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 70

HOT GEAR Tracktion Waveform 9 Music Production Software Tracktion Corporation has released the ninth generation of its Waveform DAW. Included in the latest release is a range of new features, add-ons, and additional content to improve workflows and inspire creativity. Waveform now offers a library of exclusive 24-track drum loop construction kits. Users can combine this with the new Multi Sampler “one button” import/slice tool to dissect the beats and re-arrange them to produce alternative and unorthodox ideas. Waveform 9’s Multi Sampler Instrument with workflow enhance- ments makes it simpler and faster for users to develop, create, and build musical content without the need for presets. Used in conjunction with the multi-screen set-ups of the new Modular Mixing Tool, this helps users customize the interface. The expanded capabilities of the MIDI pattern generator include a global chord track, a custom plug-in faceplate designer, macro param- eters, and track loops/presets. For more information, go to Cling On Pickup California-based Cling On has released its namesake pickup, which won the Best in Show honour at the 2018 NAMM Show in the Add On and Accessories category. The Cling On Pickup is a compact passive piezo pickup with a patented ultra-quick and easy magnetic attachment. It does not require any modification to the instrument or any lengthy installation. The ability to install multiple magnetic bases in different areas of the soundboard allows the musician to move the pickup around the soundboard easily and on the fly in search of a different tone and sound. It comes with a detachable portable cable and a built-in volume control. Each pickup comes with a small and very light magnetic base that is attached un- derneath the soundboard on the inside of the guitar via tacky putty. It’s removable, reusable, and can be easily re-positioned. The constant pres- sure that the magnets create on the soundboard enables more direct, balanced, and accurate transfer of the vibrations from the soundboard to the pickup. For more information, contact Coast Music: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, Bose T8S ToneMatch Stereo Mixer Bose Professional has released the eight-channel T8S ToneMatch mixer. Compact and portable, the T8S (as well as the four-channel T4S) features a rugged enclosure with a protective, magnetically-coupled cover to protect controls and connectors. A chassis-bottom insert allows the use of standard mounting accessories. The eight-channel T8S ToneMatch mixer is intuitive to operate, with illuminated, stage-friendly tactile controls, an easy-to-read display, and scene recall. ToneMatch processing presets with the DSP engine make it easy for musicians to take control of their music. The DSP engine in- cludes studio-quality effects and Bose zEQ equalization, which redefin