Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 66

HOT GEAR Apple Logic Pro X 10.4 Music Production Software Apple has released Logic Pro X version 10.4, the latest update to its professional music production software. Included in Logic Pro X 10.4 is Smart Tempo, a new advanced tempo detec- tion technology that automatically manages tempo across all the content in a project. It gives users the freedom to record naturally without a metronome or click track, but still have their performance stay in sync with any other tempo- based content or features. For new effects plug-ins, the ChromaVerb algorithmic reverb plug-in has a colourful interactive interface that allows users to add space and depth to tracks and simulate a wide range of acoustic spaces. Vintage EQ features three plug-ins modelled after some of the most sought after hardware EQs from the 1950s to 1970s. Phat FX is a new multi-effect that adds warmth, punch, and presence to synths, guitar, bass, and drums. Step FX adds rhythmic movement to any track by arranging filters, effects, and independent step se- quencers to control treatments over time. For more information, go to 66 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N Dean Markley XM NickelSteel Bass Strings Dean Markley has added the XM (extra-medium) set to its NickelSteel Bass Signature Series of strings, which are made for players who want their medium strings to be a bit heavier. Available in four- or five-string sets, XM bass strings offer the same full bright sound that characterizes the NickelSteel Bass brand. In the four-string XM package, players will find a set of G, D, A, and E strings with gauges measuring .050, .070, .090, and .110 mm. In the five-string package, there are the same gauges with an additional low B string measur- ing .130 mm, now the thickest string in the series. Dean Markley uses smaller incremental wire for the wraps, which allows the manufacturer to use more layers and achieve more mass. Dean Markley uses up to four covers compared to some other manufacturers that use thicker wire and fewer wraps. For more information, con- tact Yorkville Sound: 905-837-8777, FAX 905-839-5776,,