Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 49

CANADIAN MUSICIAN’S 2 0 1 8 G U I TA R S P E C I A L | B Y A N D R E W K I N G The guitar is a remarkably versatile instrument – a staple of many genres and styles from many different places and periods. For this year’s focus on all-things guitar, instead of spotlighting a group of players from a single genre or era, we’ve decided to round up a diverse and accomplished cast of players from across the country who have two key things in common: all are talented, in-demand musicians and all are 30 years old or under. Some specialize in session work, others write and record original material. Some favour acoustics while others are all about amplification. Here, they share their perspectives on everything from gear to gigs, songwriting to studio sessions, and more, all with the goal of informing, influencing, and inspiring their fellow musicians of all ages. A N N A A D D I I A A N N M M U U S S I I C C I I A A N N • • 49 49 C C A