Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 40

Prioritize Sleep, Rest & Recovery Andre Kaden Black Hayden McHugh Regardless of your goals, you will optimize your performance with a healthy sleep schedule. How? Well, it can be tough. Not all sleep is created equal. Our bodies are tuned to the circadian cycle (aka the sun cycle), so try your very best to hit the hay short- ly after sundown. Optimal recovery occurs from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., but the lifestyle we live as musicians often sees us wide awake during much of that window, usually performing or tearing down our gear and getting back home in the wee morning hours. That said, do what you can when you’re not performing. Your body associates white light with the sun, so turn off screens and harsh lighting and replace it with dimmer lights, can- dles, and blackout blinds to ensure sound sleep. Fun fact: magnesium is a sweet recovery nectar from the gods. I discovered this golden nugget during my days as a competitive athlete. It’s a great recovery agent, but it’s also a common deficiency in the standard North American diet, so we need to supplement it. Head to your local holistic foods shop and look for some topical mag- nesium chloride (not all magnesium is the same). Spray or rub it in on your neck and any areas of your body that are sore and set a couple of alarms. You’ll sleep like a rock. Magnesium is also great for skin care, reducing hypertension and cortisol (the stress hormone), and will let you get some much-needed rest. This is important when conditions aren’t ideal, like when you’re away from the comfort of your own bed. Your body will appreci- ate the TLC. TAKE CARE OF YOUR MIND Journal I like to keep a diary to get my thoughts out. I prefer the old school pen to paper, but there are some great e-diary options out there nowadays. I’ve used Daylio in the past. I like it because it takes about 30 seconds to log in and it’s based on how you feel. Check out that bad boy in the App Store or Google Play. Unplug As a society, we spend far too much time on social media and in front of screens. While the postural problems that can occur from endless hours of sitting is damaging enough, the emotional turmoil and constant desire to feel appreciated can wreak havoc on a positive mindset. Delete the apps that you use the most for a few days and see how it feels to be offline. Turn off your phone after 8 p.m. Spend more time in the outdoors. It’s amazing what we can connect with when we disconnect with social media. To double back to Black’s earlier point, nature connects us with incredible inspiration. EMBRACE CHANGE Write with, Listen to & Draw Inspiration from Other Artists Cirillo mentioned that in order to keep things authentic, you should “write about things that make you feel uncomfort- able.” If you’re still struggling with the process of songwriting, she advises writing with other people or even trying out an(other) instrument. Re Q 5ͥЁ ѥٔ !)Mх她ѽȁ)屔ٕݡ)$չхѡиQ͔)ѥ́䁽ȁ䁹Ё)́ѼԸQeɔ)ѼɽՍѠ)ݕ́Ѽȁ屔$)ɽ䁕Ʌɕ)ѡЁɔ՝ݥѠѡ)хȁͥѠѼ)ɕЁѼѕѠ)ɽͥ]ԁɕ)ɴԁ͕ѡѽȸ%( 9%85TL% %8)ԁٔЁɽ̰)͕ɑи%׊eɔ)ՙɥɽх)̰ԁхѼх)Ѡɽͥ)=ͥ)͕٥'eٽєȁ)ѡUͽ ٽЁչ) ѡЁЁܹչ)ͽչQ䁍)ԁѼɽͥչ͕)ɝ䁙չ)ٕѡݕ)Q 5х)!Ѡͽѥͼ)䁽ɕͽɍ́م)Ё́ݕͥєܹ)Q͔ɔЁݼѡ)͕٥́ɕͽɌ)́ݔٔ)ȁٕ)͕٥ͥѼ)ɽٔѡՅ䁽)̸ͥ%ӊéݸ)5ͥЁ ѥٔe׊e)Ʌѕ́Ѽ)ɕ́ɔɕѥ٥)ѕՕ́Ѽٕ)ȁəɵ)ѡ́Ѽٕ)ٕ䁅Ёȁɽ̴)ͥɕȁ́ͥ)%ӊéչ䁽ɽѠ)ݕи!)Ѽܹͥй)ȁ̸́%ӊe)ѕ䁙ɕѼ)ԁЁЁѥѡ)ѕЁȁ͕ٕ́Ը