Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 39

SET INTENT: Implement a Routine So much of coaching is based on trust. When someone comes to me looking to improve their quality of life, they are 10 times more likely to succeed in achieving their goals if they remove their expectations. I coach a simple theory: “Success comes from putting ourselves outside of the box of com- fort.” Comfort zones are the breeding grounds of mediocrity; when was the last time you got excited about some- body that wanted to excel at being average? Now, as a musician myself, I’ve found that overcoming creative blocks is oftentimes the hardest part of the lifestyle. There’s just so much pressure to perform or to write or to deliver day in, day out. My fascination with finding ways to help other musicians get through these creative blocks led me to the understanding that mental and physical health go hand in hand. If you’re distracted, busy, or just generally stressed, it’ll show in your performance; however, if you aren’t setting a solid framework to have an amazing perfor- mance, that’ll stress you out when you aren’t your best. It’s a vicious cycle! So, what do you do? Well, I asked a few other artists and industry pros and compiled some tips and tricks that you can implement today in order to stay on your A-game! Whether it’s the first night of tour or six weeks in when you find yourself sleep- ing in a van outside the bar in Thunder Bay, we’ve got ya covered. Let’s get to it. Whether we’re talking about eating better, practicing our instrument, balancing work-life schedules, or exercising, we have to admit we’re hab BG&fVf7BFW&W66&2f666FRvW"b7GVFRW62@'G27FW7&VVBFRWF"bFRf66726R7VvvW7G2W7F&Ɨ6r&RW&f&6R&GV7V62( f7RЦƗFVFFF"W7BFrFRF'&VFRBvWBFFPR( F&VǒVFgVV6ƖBW&f&6R66&FrF7GVGFRW&b6w&2'&6&B&FFW&涆bB&6V'&72FW&R2F&V7B6'&VF&WGvVVFRVffV7Bbf7VƗFBF"WW'F6RFWWЧ&VBFRVffV7Bbr6ǒvr66V&2W&f&6PV6VBFRWF6Rb6W'FF"62BגW'6WW&V6RFV2RFW( &RF6WFrऒV6W&vVB6RW662F7FWvg&FRfVVP&Vf&R6WBB6BFR6""6WvW&R&fFRW7BFvWBFV VG76R&vB7W&RVVvFWVBFR6rW'6ǒƖPFvR7&vBgVbVRW7Bfrw&VBFRBאw&WƖ( FVvvVW&w6rf7V2VVBVWFRvbfr&B6rfWrVFVFVBFR6&RbW"&GvWB7FfPF6RFRv&B7FfRF2V2FvFWfW"^( BƖPFBvWG2W"V'B&FRW&BV6FN( 2B&W@GFrFRwbFN( 2BW"ӲfBvWGFrWf'7@FrBvƶrגFr&VBFR&6fWrFW2vWG0FRV6W2fvrBV2R7F6FFRf"FRFN( 2W7@6WFrFN( 2Vw&fVBFגƖfW7GRN( 2w&VBFvWBW@BvWB6Rg&W6"ऒV6W&vRbגW66FWFW2Ff"W"`fVVBW"FBǒFvRfVV&WGFW"vVvRfR'W@vR6VRFR&6bV'BF6V6RF&WFW2Bv&B&W77W&PFV7&V6RvRfFƗGBB7&V6W26FN( 2VvRvगB&VǒFW6( BfRF&RB6fW'6FvF&GV6W B6ww&FW"G&RFV&6R'&VvBWFR'F6R`Fr'&VF&VBFR7&VFfR&62'F7G2FVBFB( vpf"vƲ2&VVגFVfVB7&VFfR&6'&VW"f"VG&VG0bV'2w&FW'2'F7G2BW662fRv2vFRrЦW"bVFFFfR7FFRFB67W'2vVR7W'&VBW'6VbvFGW&RWBW"7V&666W2&Vv7&VFrWrFV2BWpW'7V7FfW27FRW2( Х7G&WF6rvvvrrr7'G>( bFrfP&R( 7vVB6RV6F( 2&WGGvB7FF&BFƗfR'WBWFRgVVFW&f&( `VBvVWB&R&BF&VƖWfRN( 2B'WBvRW660fRFff7VBFRvFWG&FvFFR&VFǒf&P&RBV"f&RN( 2vFW"6VBw&FRvP'F6R&W"gVVf"W662'WBvBFW RRFrvR6&fSG&FG&&RvFW"vFW"2BbƖRFRW"6"vFW@BFRVvR'V2&WGG&VvvFW"VW2W"vR&G6R&VGV6W2'&frB&6bW'B7&V6W2f7W2f"FFVB6bvW6R7VVWRvVFvRbg&W6VFW&RगN( VWW"FvW7FvRBW2BF7FW2w&VB2DU44( "3