Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 27

BASS Carson Webber is a session musician based out of Vancouver and the bass player for The Long War, Small Town Artillery, and Year of the Wolf. www.smalltownartillery. By Carson Webber Notes for Session Bassists A re you interested in session work? This is for bass players and other musicians that want to play in a studio setting. With lots of hard work, knowledge of your instrument and recording situation, plus a great reputation, it’s just a matter of time until you’re hired. Here are some things that I’ve picked up over the years that can hopefully help with your workflow and approach to session work. Building a Reputation In my experience, there are two components to building your reputation as a session player. The first is being a really, really good musician. If you don’t have the chops, you’re not booking gigs. It doesn’t help if you’re really good at one thing. Can’t play jazz? Learn it right now. What about samba? Reggae? Metal? Funk? R&B? Becoming familiar with and actively practic- ing as many styles of music as you can will make you more dynamic and flexible. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’re good enough, ever. If you promote yourself as a pro who deserves to be paid, make sure you’re prepared and well versed in many musical styles. That brings us to the second component. Jordan Gauthier of YC Drum Company once said, “You gotta be a good hang.” You might have all the chops in the world, but if you have a bad attitude, you’re not working. Keep your mind and body as healthy as you can. Get enough to eat and sleep. Stay positive and pr fW76gFV'FRFR'F7@2&VGFfRRFW( fR&VVv&pF&VW76ǒf"vVV26WFW2B6vW@ƗGFRFV6RfWr6W76v&2Ч'GVGF'&VFR6Rg&W6VW&w@6FfGF&V7BvrFFRvp66V&( 2rVBFP'F67&F6W2B6'G2vV&Vf&RFP7GVFFFR6WFW2FR67&F6W2v&VGfR&72ƖRFV2FVbF02FR66RV&FVBrrFFV'WB&V6v旦RFW&R&rP&V6W6R^( &R&6FWW7B&PwVFVƖW2fFrW"W'6FV6VW70FW'v6R7FFVBvFF2FRFR7@FrRvBFF2&7&7FFRF0vvR6fB7G&W72B7FVBW6RFP'GVGFw&FR6WFr&VǒvBFRf'7B7FW2FƗ7FVFFRG&62vFW'6R( 27G'VVG2BFW F7G&7F2W7B6BB&VǒƗ7FVFv@FR6rvG2F&Rv^( &RƗ7FVrf"FR6~( 2fVVB'GVFW2f"G֖7276W2vW&P&726VB&R&R7FfRBF6VRb琦FV2FW"֖G2&Vf&RvR6BFvvF&72&V6W6RFW&^( 2FRW7VǒFP&VBBFVWBB6Bf"FB6P&6vFg&W6V'2vVv^( &R&VGFWBW"G2BVWFRƖW26R@f'7BfB7BFW26RRfRvB6R&72ƖRW"f&V6&FVBƖPvVBW66RFFBvFfWrGvV2vFB'V6G'rWrFw2@f&F26RRfBƖRFBfG2w&FPBFvB&V6&BBb76&R&V6&BfW FR67&F6W2BƗ7FV&6FRWBFF6VRrRfVVFVN( 2&7F6RF( BvWBFGF6VBFF6RƖW2FVv2FR'F7B"&GV6W"6Pf"6WFrFffW&VBBV7BFVP&VǒrFR6rB6V6ǒP6vW266V&"( 26'BVBFP'F67&F6W2BVgVǒ6'G2fWpF2&Vf&RFR6W76vRVVBFBFP6R&2vRFBFR7B66V&'W@fRW72FRFF6W7VǒƗ7FVFBfWrFW2f"FV26'BBbV6W76'@7F'Bw&FrFR6R6GFrFfPvBv&r&72ƖR6WRbW'0B'VB6FFW2WfVvFǒfWpF2R6VB&R&RFF6ƖBgV6pFW2FR7GVFvFWB7FrFV666V&2( 2f'GVǒVBFPRfV( BV&BFR6rvrFFP7GVF7F6'BBBvfRB6WR`Ɨ7FV2W7Vǒ6bFWfRFV2 'F7V"F&V7F֖B^( fRvFR6rf"#֖WFW3FR'F7B2vগBvW"6FV"WB2fW'fV&R@6VB&RW6VB2FR&62f"w&FrVFW"66RvV( F266V&W7Vǐ&V6&BBV6R'V6R( fRג'G0w&GFVBrrFWv&FvWFW"'WBBG&7F6ǒ7VVG2WFR&6W72`^( &RV6rB'B''BfW&ƗG2WbF2FR&ƗGFFBFRfǒ6&VBvFFRFfW'6PW66&WW'F&RB6FfR&fW76ЦGFGVFRvWBRFR&W7B6FFBǒB6W76vr"Gv'W@6'VB&WWFFFBvVBF&P'GVFW2तTEt5DPrrr2BR224Р2BR22( "#