Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 23

Joey Sturgis Tones JST Dynamics Bundle ROAD TEST By Joe Mullen J oey Sturgis is a world-renowned producer and engineer boasting a list of credits that includes The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, We Came as Romans, and others. He’s on the lead- ing edge of audio education with initiatives like the Unstoppable Recording Machine and Nail the Mix, and having launched his own line of audio plug-ins in recent years, he’s also a successful entrepreneur. I’ve owned his Menace amp sim and JST Clip for a while now and both have exceeded my expectations. They have helped me solve problems in my mixes and resulted in better- sounding music. Needless to say, I was stoked to explore more of JST’s product line, so let’s dive right into the robust JST Dynamics plug-in bundle. Finality Advanced Both the Finality Lite and Ad- vanced limiters are inspiring even at first glance; they just make you want to start tweaking and explor- ing. I mean, it does all of the usual limiting functions very well and is easy to navigate. I found the Color control to be very cool. I used it on a guitar DI before the amp sim, dial- ling in a bit of pre-limiting then engaging the colour control and it brought out a meaner, greasier tone from the sim. It’s alwasy great when a plug-in puts a new trick in my tool box. I was also curious about how it would handle drum room mics. It definitely controls the dynamics and boosts volume, but again, I tried the Color function and it did something to the cymbals that I have never heard before. I typically struggle with drum rooms because the cymbals – especially hi-hat – are all over the place, so I’ll try a few fixes without much consistent success as my drum rooms are low-budget large diaphragm condensers. Here, Color adds in harmonic distortion that tames and controls the upper mids without making them sound harsh or too dark.   JST Clip I love the grimey, metallic feel of this plug-in. It has a fresh user interface with an awesome theme for a clipper. Its look hints at some of W W W. C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N . CO M the nice harmonic distortion it can offer with its clipping magic. It adds aggressive har- monic saturation that is useful in a variety of applications like a drum buss, bass guitar, or in mastering. I’ve owned JST Clip for awhile and it really helped me learn about gain staging. Basically, the plug-in can chop off the audio at a predefined threshold and allows you to use the b r"FR֖FFRFG&fPFRVF6v( ƖFFR6ƗW.( 2V6 2ƗGFR2RvB6bRG&fRB&BPvvWB&R6GW&FB6Rvw&W76fPVFvRFR&W7BFr&WBB2rBW0v7Fvr6V7W7BBBW2FP7BVr֖W"67F'BGW&rWFP"FR֖FFRBRV"FRG&6vW@&RW"f6RB֗&VG6RFW6PBfW'vW&gVv&VGV7Fऒv2W6FVBFFW7Bv&VGV7FWB6Rf6G&62f"WrFV6r&6V@vB( fRV&B&WBBB2FW6vVBF&RVgf66&W76"f"67&V2@6V2BB&Vǒ2w&VB262FV@BW6R67&V֖rf62v2&vvB2FR&vB6G&2f"vBPG6ǒvBFFvFVgf62BW7@6G2FVFR&vB6RFR֗vFV6RFR6&W76F&W6B2fV@FW&ǒ6W6rFRWBv"w0RFF&W"v7Fvr'WB66WBr&BRW6FR6&W76"vFR6G&W&F2f&b2FW&P2fVBD"6VƖr6R6( B6ƗBW2FW&^( 2'VB֖fVffV7BRbFRFw2FBW2v&VGV2ЧFVVR2FRWGWBv2BvF@6R&2F7F'FgFW"RW6@7B6W'FBFRW7FWF72bFRVrЦ&RB'WB7F7'6RVVvFffW FF6G&fW"W"G֖72BbVff'@vVBFF2FW6vBFRVr֖v&Pbג֗W2vrf'v&BG&6gFR66WBbG&6VBFW6v2gFVfW&VB'W"FWW"VFVFW67BfR&VVv&RbFP66WB'WBVFrfV( B@V6WW&V6RvFBWBPVF&BG&6VBFW6vFvWBfVVf"rFW6RFRVr֖BG06G&26V6WBFRfFVGWF&गN( 2w&VB&VrVF&BG&6V@FW6vW"G&6g2Ɩ֗FW722Ч6&ƗFW2&VrWFG'VW"fPv2WFFVBUF6VWFRrg&WVV7'VBWf7B6G'V'G2vFFW&FR&W7VG2@6Vvv6v&frfrFFFBWFFG&6g7ƗG2WFP&BFfW"6V7F26v2&PFW7BW6RFRrVB7W7F"FW7FǒFVfRFRVwFbFRrVBFR&fVVBv2VFFRFR6vVBg&6VGB&BVFVfVBv6( B&V6RW6VBFBFVvBFrbFFvBrVBV6WfW'FRFR6VBB6G&VBFRFvFW72bFRpVB6V66VB7GVǒW6WFRWfVbFR6vFWB'VrFR&6R7V'N( 26V"FB5B2rVr֖2FB6fP&Vv&B&&V2֗W2vVBvFV6R2WVƖfVB'FRG֖72'VFRWfVFR7F&6W722W72BFW6( @&WV&R*5B2Gf6rFW&VF&GV7Fv&fw2B( 7W&Rvǐ6FVRFW6FRƖ֗G2BVF6P76FR&WBVFFR&WGFW"W62दRVVv2BW&FW2TFv7GVF0fW"R2G'V2FRWFWFf@FVB6G&'WFW2&VwV&ǒF&fW766VBB6FW66vW22BR22( "#0