Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 22

ROAD TEST Warm Audio WA-14 Large - Diaphragm Condenser Microphone By Adam Gallant W arm Audio is continuing its mis- sion to bring vintage-modeled studio hardware to our home and project studios at a com- fortable price point. The team is on a tremen- dous roll with its latest batch of microphone releases based on iconic European designs that have long been staples of the recording industry. We recently had the chance to test out a pair of WA-14s, Warm Audio’s take on the 1970s era of AKG’s C414s. C414s are a classic studio microphone designed and built by Austria’s AKG, and the models produced during the ‘70s are argu- ably the most sought-after of all. During this time, AKG was using all-brass, handmade CK12 capsules, which were eventually re-designed with some nylon and Teflon parts. Out of the Box The WA-14 is true to the classic with an all- brass capsule. It has been faithfully designed t X]H\]Y[H\ۜH[ۘ[]BوH[[\L\[KHKLM8&\™X\YH\ ]\Y[ZH[\H]Y[X\[x&[[\H[SXY•TH[ٛܛY\[\H ]][\Y[H\]Y] ML\[[\H]LLMY[H\]Y[H\ۜH^[™H  ]وH \HZXܛۙ\\BX]Y\[H\[X\][ˈH\[\œ؝\ HܙY[\ۙ[H[\\˜HX[X]HXˈHZXܛۙ\YB]H[[ YY[[ X]\]BX [H\H]و\[\܂H[[ H[[\B\ܝH\Yۈ]\\X[HBZXܛۙKۈHZXܛۙHYKHYHHY\\HHۛX[ۈ\XYK\\ݚY\YY۝X܈H[[ ][[\[[XZ[܈HX\B] ][[HZX\[\[HYBۋ]XZHHR\[ۋH›[[܈\ZX\H]HۈH[HYKHٝ[XX܈HYY[[ \XX[B][ VH\[ۙY\][ۈ܈[XH\Y 8(HHHHHHHHHۈH۝YHوHZXܛۙKB]HHY]]][ۜ]  LL[ LH[KY[YYYXZ\HZ\وKLMYX[܈[Hݙ\XY[›]\X\[\H[ۘ\H ؛K܈\]\HZXܛۙH[B]Y]Y[\[Y Y\HZY [[Y\X[ۘ[ H[[Z[Z\[[™X[H\H\[HۙY\][ۈ܂[܈X\XZ]\[\B\[\[]X[\H\YHKLM™܈[Hݙ\XY[]8&\ܝ[›]X[YH\HZXܛۙ\[ZK˜]YXHݙ\Y[وHZXܛۙ\\šX\\[YHX[HYܘ\[YBX[ۜ˂ۈX[H[[X[HXKY\[X\]܈X[[K\[[ۈH[\\ZX›X^HH\X܈]H]X\[K܈Xܛ[[H[^\[] B[H\]\[][™ܙX]\[[HY[]H۝\قYXY[Z]HYX[H˂ۈ[[[[KHZY\H[\\[Y[H[\Z\H][Hو[Z[Y [H]HZXH\[Y\]\BX\YHZX[ۈ\[\\]KXZ[\›ZX\Y[܈]K[ٙ]KY܈]X][ۜ[HܙX]][ۈ܈H[\\[][[KB\H^Z[HZ]\H[^H]\H\[ݙ\B\YX]\ZXܛۙx&\[ ]][[XZ[\[]K]ٙ\[Hو›ZY]Y[[[ZHH[[ZXZX[BXH[[[و\[H]ݚY\HKBZ[[H[^XHH\HX\YBۙ[\HKLMܚY\X[\B[܈\ۈX\XZ]\[\\[ۋٙ\[H\[Y[\ۜH[[ B\ܝY[ Y[x&\HX\[܈H\HX\YBۙ[\]ݙ\]H]X[H[KBY[ HKLMٙ\ܙX]\ܛX[K[[XY[Y[YK[\XYHBۙK^YX\\[H [H]\H]Y[ˈY\\HܙX]ܚ˂H M[HوZXٝ[]X[Y\˜HܚܜH[H[]\] [BH\H]Y[Z\\[Y ^H]BY[\YۈHZ[H\\]ܙX]\[˂]\[x&\HY\ۙH܈HX][Z\Y[H[[\ܚY[[X]وY][]Y[X[ۋH]\X\][ۈB][ۈ[]Y[܈[]\[ۈ[[KB\[Hۜ[\]\H[[Y[[\]ۋK