Canadian Musician - May / June 2018 - Page 18

AS HEARD ON... Sunrise Records Owner DOUG PUTNAM it and say, “How did catalogue perform for us?” What we’re seeing is that catalogue is not being affected in the way that the new release is. So that’s what gives me the faith to say that I see the CD being here a long time. I don’t see that format going away. We do have younger people consuming it and buying it. CM: How is your relationship with the record labels and how important is the CD still to their health? For the full interview, listen to the March 28, 2018 episode CM: You made the bet that there is still a viable market for physical music if you offer a wider catalog than just new releases. Is that proving true? Doug Putnam: When you just hear, “The CD declined 15 per cent,” that just doesn’t mean the category is over. If that decline really came from new releases because instead of buying that new release album, these people stream the one good song, that’s not so worrisome for me as Sunrise. I look at DP: [The CD] is still very important to their health. Obviously we just had the Junos, so I was with all of them and there isn’t one label out there that says the CD isn’t very import- ant for them … As far