Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 78

SHOW CASE If you are an unsigned Canadian artist and would like to be featured in Showcase, visit Submissions are free - all you need is a Reverbnation account with a high-res photo. You can check out tracks from our Showcase artists via Canadian Musician on SoundCloud. Visit for these and many more fresh sounds! By Ken Kelley CBC Searchlight 2017 Special Edition After more than 1,200 entries spanning virtually every genre of music came in from across Canada, Vancouver band The Long War were crowned the winners of CBC’s 2017 Searchlight Competition, taking home the grand prize that includes the $25,000 Canadian Musician Career Booster prize package. Celebrity judges Ruth B., Dan Kanter, and Jarvis Church made the selection from a very strong final four that also included Toronto’s Jaryd Stanley and WILL and Saskatchewan trio The Wolfe. Congratulations to all of the finliasts. The Winner: Finalists: Jaryd Stanley Originally from New Brunswick, Jaryd Stanley relocated to Toronto in late 2015 with the hopes of furthering his promising music career. Although he didn’t emerge victorious in the Searchlight competition, Stanley was the lucky winner of the fan vote, which proves that his music is reaching eager ears across the country. The acoustic singer-songwriter released his debut EP, Sixteen Ten, this past March, and, thanks to Searchlight, has undoubtedly garnered the greatest national exposure of his career. The Wolfe THE LONG WAR Drawing obvious influence from the wealth of celebrated Canadian folk, rock, and country artists that have come before them, Vancouver’s The Long War have come a long way in a short amount of time. When you consider that the group formed just over one year ago and has only four live shows under its belt, the accomplishment becomes that much more impressive. The song “Breathe In, Breathe Out” is a passionate rallying cry from a band whose stature as an act to watch will only be strengthened over the next few years. “[The song] is about a friend who was going through some hard times,” The Long War’s Jarrett Lee told CBC. “The riff was always under my fingers when I picked up a guitar so I started writing the s ۙ˜][]\[\]8)]\HX[H\[YX[[YB[YYHXYH[H^K]8&\\H]\XˈH[][[[Z\Y\[YX[[܈Y\[[KHܛB]܈HY[[][Y\Z[܈YK'B]HZ\H[ܝ[]Y\Z[][XH[]][Bܝ[YH[\x&\[[\HHۙ\[[\H\[YH[ N 8(HHHHHHHHH][]\YHYHو\ MYX\ \]][[ Y\[HH\HۙHو\[[\[HАX\Y\]][ۋ[\YHHZ\وۙYKXYۛK[[] HYY\\ܚXHZ\[8&\[\8'\]Z[YKB[Y\YZKY]XZ[^[\ZXY]H[\HYH\ž[H[[]H˸'H]8&\[\\ܚ\[ۋ\ݙ[HHܛ\8&\œ[]]YT[X\Y[[H MS\ܚX[\[\8'[]][X[و[[ۈٸ)\ Z \\\[۸)^Y\Y]Y[K8'Hܛ۝˜\\S]\ۙ8'[\Y\'BۛX]X\Y\[\H\ ]X\ H\›[Y\[XYH[\\]H[]H^Z[›[ܙHZ]\[X[ˈ8'܈[H\[]\XHZB][H\\&H[[Y[[[\X8'HHBАˈ8'H[^\H\XHYX[[[YZ[Hۙ[]][[[ۈ[ܞHH\\\Z[۝^x'H8$[]8&\H]\[^\\H[\YY•S8&\ۈ]]