Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 73

One Control BJF Series Pedals One Control has introduced four new pedals as part of its BJF Series effects. The Cranberry Overdrive and Lingonberry Overdrive inherit the characteristics of the original Strawberry Overdrive. In addition, a low cut trimpot has been installed and both pedals have been tuned in order to achieve specific overdrive tones. The Cranberry Overdrive offers a clean and crisp light distortion; in contrast, the Lingonberry’s lower-end frequencies are more predominant, creating a stronger bottom-end distortion. The Dimension Blue Monger blurs the lines between the flanger effect and chorus effect. It allows guitarists to create a “watery” three-dimensional modulation effect. The Complexity knob adjusts the modulation speed and depth while the Colour knob adjusts the overall brightness of the tone. The Mix knob allows adjustments to be made to the effects’ overall wet/dry balance. Finally, the Golden Acorn Overdrive was designed to reproduce the overdrive and dynamic range of Dumble amplifiers. For more information, contact SFM: 514- 780-2070, FAX 514-780 -2111,, Galaxy Audio Hot Spot PA6BT Personal Monitor/ PA Galaxy Audio has released the PA6BT, the newest powered model in the Hot Spot line of personal monitor/PAs. Succeeding and retaining some features of the PA6S, the PA6BT offers Bluetooth technology with a dedicated volume control. It still incorporates efficient speaker components, including the 155-W NEOLITE 6.5-in. woofer and the 1.5-in. 60-W titanium dome tweeter. Standard features also include a 70-W built-in amplifier, two XLR 1/4-in. inputs with XLR pass through, a built-in com- pressor, line input, line output, and three-band EQ. There is also a built-in microphone stand mount, mi- crophone boom attachment, integral handle, and built-in stand/wall bracket mounting points (bracket optional). For more information, contact Audio Distributors International: 450-449-8177, FAX 450-449-8180,, W W W. C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N . CO M C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N • 73