Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 64

HOT GEAR Sabian Artisan Elite Cymbals Sabian has introduced the Artisan Elite series of cymbals featuring multi-peen and high-density hammering, resulting in tone that is lower-pitched and drier than other Artisan cymbals. The Artisan Elite cymbals are offered in 20- and 22-in. models, and 14- and 16-in. hats, in natural finish only. The series’ unique lathing and flatter, lower profile bell also result in woody bell tones that are more integrated into the overall cymbal sound than other Artisan models. The lathing delivers articulation that gets close to that of a raw cymbal while still allowing the cymbal to open up to a degree. Essentially, it’s a blend of open tone from the lathed sec- tions with dry articulation from the un-lathed sections. The feel is also soft enough to allow the surface to absorb the stick without over-absorbing energy. The un-lathed traces of surface also reveal tin oxide and other imperfections for a rawer look. For more information, contact Sabian: 506-272-2019,, AKG K275, K245 & K175 Foldable Studio headphones AKG, a division of HARMAN Professional Solutions, has introduced the K275, K245, and K175 foldable studio head- phones for mobile musicians and audio professionals. The K275 and K245 models feature 50 mm transducers that provide greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. The K175 utilizes an on-ear design with 40 mm transducers. All three headphone models offer studio-quality frequency response, sensitivity, and low impedance for clarity, detail, and maximum output before distortion, even when playing music from lower-powered mobile devices. The foldable design uses a three-axis hinge and a self- adjusting headband so they fit into tight spaces while also protecting the structural parts from damage. For more information, contact B&J Pro: 800-268-8147,, Paul Baron’s Trumpet Voluntarily Book Bugles Media has published a new book by Canadian lead and commercial trumpet player Paul Baron called Trumpet Voluntarily. This book was written to accompany the many routine and etude books to teach what, when, and how to practice with those materials. Readers can learn how to listen to their body and chops to practice most efficiently and get the quickest and best results. In developing his lessons, Baron’s motto is: “practice smarter, not longer." There are a number of exercises for increasing range, power, and endurance, as well as methodologies to break down difficult passages to practice more efficiently in order to tackle the hardest materials with success. Other topics dis- cussed are lead and section playing and what those different roles require, gig etiquette to become the most employable player and stay that way, pacing, air compression, and more. For more information, contact Bugles Media:, 64 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N