Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 62

PHOTO: CONNOR SCHEFFLER BUSINESS As a drummer and producer, Mark Schroor has toured and recorded with JUNO, CCMA, and GMA Award winners and artists from all over the world. When he’s not on the stage or in the studio, Mark is interviewing his favourite drummers for the 180 Drums Podcast, blogging for Linchpin Musician, or travelling with his wife. Mark is currently hitting drums for Manafest, Leah Daniels, and Eric Ethridge. Feel free to get in touch with Mark through his website, By Mark Schroor 5 Ways to Get Paid as a Hired Musician H ow much should I charge as a hired musician? This is the question that I and the rest of us musicians are constantly asking, but nobody seems to have a clear answer. I don’t have an easy answer, but thought I’d share the thought process that I use to determine how much I charge to drum for different artists. Before we jump in, I want to point out that this isn’t an article on how to make more money as a musician, but rather all of the non-financial factors to consider that are often worth more than money (and will most definitely result in more money). Considering that each artist we may play for has a different budget and might require different skills from us, it makes it hard to put a specific dollar amount on each show we play. But getting paid in dollars is only one of many ways we can get paid. I use five currencies that each offer different benefits, and every show will pay in different amounts of each of these. It’s up to you decide how much of each makes a show worthwhile. Financial Currency How many dollars will I make, after expenses? This is the most obvious form of payment, but we can often get tricked into thinking it’s the only way to get paid. Obviously it’s important to make sure our bills are paid and there’s gas in our tank, but if you think that this is the only way of getting paid for a show, you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your career. 62 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N Social Currency Who will I potentially meet at this concert, and how could that person impact my future? This is a huge way of getting paid that I’ve often underestimated. Getting paid in social currency is often what gets us the call for more gigs. You have no idea who you might meet when you’re playing a show, whether it’s someo H[[\[ [\[ ܈][Y[ۙH[H]YY[KY[[ۋ[[HXX[HYH[H\ܛZ[›ۈYH ]\[\ۈ܈Y[\X[YYXJH]\[\X[\[B[X[ًXݙ\]\[ۙB][H\HXX[H\XHو[][H^H[H[ˈHXH[\\x&\›^Z[[[\X[\[H[^Bٙ]X^HH[HYX\܈]HYX\]][ X\[YY \\؝[\H\YۈB\[\[ۈ][x&\HHYHٙ\[ۘ[[ܙX]][\[[Y[ YX][ۘ[\[BHZ[\\\H[ܝ[]BX\H][ ܈[\ݙH[\^\[œ[[[H[[\[[H[\]YH]KB][ۈ\H[HX^HX\H[XXH\ۂۈ܈ٙYOH[\\[^\Y\]]^[\\[K[H[YHZ[[\[[Y[[ۈYH\[š[\ݙH[\]\X[[[\ܛX[BˈH[[\YۈH]˜X]\H^HY&]^H\H[ [[[X[\[JH[HYX\Hۈوۙˈ^B\XX[ۈ\]Y\X[^[]B[H[[Hو[YHXX[^B[[Y[]YZ[]^\Yx&[H[[][YHXX[]ۙ]\[^\\\[]X\x&[H[\ݚ[^H[S][ZY [Z] ]X K]^\Y[H[Y[ܝ[]HX\H][]HY&][XYH]NH]Y^\[H\[HX\ۙ\H]ZXH Bۙ[YH^\KHZY[ܙH[YX][ۈ[[[ۙ^K[]\ܝ] [ܘ[\[B\]H\]XH][\][[[Y][H[Y]H[H[Y]H[HY\BYHوH\\\\H\[[]]܂[XZY\[[ۙ^H]\[ H[YH^HH܈YHYHۛ]H[BH\وHY\YH]HۙH[Y]H[[[Y[\[BYHXZH\YY]ۙK [™ܝ8)K\]ܝ^Z[\܈BY\[[Y[و^Z[\Hۙ]^HY[ۈYO[H\Y^Z[›]\X܈H\[YKHY&][X]Hۘ\܈H[ۙ^NH\H^]Y܈Hܝ[]Hܙ[^HHܛ\ق\ܙX]HY][]\[ ]\۸&]ZHۙ܈\ZH]Y[[™܈ܘ[Y ]8&\[\ܝ[[Y[X\]]ۙH[ ؘXHۈYHX\YXHق[[[Y[ KH\H\^]YܙX]K]\H[H[^H[Y\[[[[›وXXو\K\X]\HH\۸&]^H[\\۸&]YX[]8&\ܝ^Z[]]Z[ZY Y[H[[[\[^Z[]^H[H[[ܛ\›و\[K]8&\HYH[