Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 53

PHOTO: @MATTBARNESPHOTO For this recording, MacLellan also used her dad’s old Goya nylon string clas- sical guitar. “It’s an old beast, but it sounds so beautiful,” she says. “That was the gui- tar I grew up seeing my dad play; that was his go-to guitar.” When it comes to complementary gear, MacLellan keeps it simple. “I basical- ly plug straight in,” she says. “I have a BOSS tuner pedal with my Collings and a KK pickup with a mic and pickup system that sounds great; it also has a preamp on the floor next to the pedal.” Before deciding to pay her respects to her dad, MacLellan had plans to put out a new record of originals. That’s on hold for now, but it won’t be long before she’s back to singing her own songs. When we chatted, spring was in the air and that’s often when a new batch of songs begin to bubble for this songwriter, just below the surface, ready to tumble out onto the page when she picks up her guitar – melody, lyrics, and all. Steve Strongman For No Time Like Now, Canadian guitar- ist, singer, and songwriter Steve Strong- man had a vision to create a strong, guitar-driven record. When it comes to finding the right sound on his guitars, Strongman is a Gibson man. “I’m devot- ed to Gibson,” he says. “I’m an endorsed artist, but that’s not why I play Gibsons; I play them because they are the great- est guitars ever.” It’s apropos then that when Strong- man and I chatted earlier this year about his new record, a collaboration with pro- ducer and songwriter Rob Szabo, it was at the Gibson Guitar showroom in Toronto’s Liberty Village. Strongman’s favourite electric, “hands-down” he says, is an ES-355. He also loves his Gibson 1959 reissue Les Paul. “I used a lot of Les Paul on No Time Like Now,” he shares. “We let the tone The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide is the world’s leading reference on the values of vintage and collectible instruments. More than 192,000 copies sold . This Guide remains the industry’s hands-down leading of pricing information. source $45.44 HL13043, Plus S/H MUSIC BOOKS + PLUS ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! & Tax CDN 800-265-8481 C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N • 53