Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 52

WAYMEN Guitar 2017 can read her poetic and powerful words and let them linger a bit longer. Curran’s current favourite of her new batch of songs is the title cut, which ended up being the perfect moniker that encompasses the overall theme of the songs. “I don’t know how much I intended it at the get go, but as I went along, the album became an activism offering,” she says. “It’s where my head is these days with the political climate. As I’ve worked as a mental health advocate for the past couple of years, I’m surrounded by it, and I’m too close for comfort to politics. I think it’s a responsibility for an artist or anyone in the public space that if there is standing up that can be done, it should be.” The first single, “Gravity,” is anoth- er one of these powerful songs. Curran describes it as her “Hey activists, we are going to be ok song.” She elaborates: “I was thinking of my good friend and label mate Tanya Tagaq writing that one because she does such great work. Some cowards have the nerve to be mean to her on social me- dia. Activists need to be empowered. That song is about fighting the good fight, even though I hate that expression. “Music is just a hammer,” she adds. “It’s incredibly useful even if you don’t know how to use it.” One thing Curran knows how to use well, and which is always standing by her side, is her trusty Gibson J-45. When it comes to guitars, the songwriter likes to keep it simple, and in fact, she writes all of her music on guitar. Besides her workhorse J-45, she also plays a 1965 Guild M20, a lit- tle parlor guitar that is always within reach around home. 52 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N Catherine MacLellan When we chat in late March, the JUNO Award-winning Catherine MacLellan was in the middle of finishing the recording and mixing of a new record, which she admits she has wanted to make for a long time: a tribute album to her father, Gene MacLellan, and his music. “It’s been over 20 years now since my dad passed away and I felt it was time to honour him from my point of view and share his songs with a new audience,” MacLellan explains. The artist admits it was hard to choose which tunes to include, since her father’s song chest is so large and daunting. After all, this was the man behind Anne Murray’s “Snowbird” and the perennially covered “Put Your Hand in the Hand.” “Some were surprises,” she says. “Songs like ‘Bidin’ My Time,’ it never occurred to learn over the years, but as we were getting ready for this record I started playing that song live and the audience really respond %ӊéՍͅəЁͽt)ѡȁѡЁѡЃL͕չɥͥչ́׊eɔѡ+L̃qAЁeȁ!ѡ!t51݅́ѽȁЁ啅ȁݥѠٔ)չ(@ ɵȁѡݕɔȁչɔո)՝ѕѡЁ+q=ٕȁѡ啅́$ٔЁչѡЁͽгt́ͅ51q5剔$݅)ٽЁȁɕͽ Ёѡѡɕ́Ё݅́饹ݔѼ)ɕɐЁѽх䁹܁݅丁QЁ݅́ɕ䁙ոɥ͔t)QɕɐхѕݥѠȁѹȰեхɥЁ ɥ́ѡȰѡ܁ɐ)Ցѡ䁉եЁѡݽ́ѡȁA$q9܁$ٔѼݽɬɽ)Ёѡ́́ȁЁɽЁݗeٔɕɑѡɔt͡͡ɕ̸)1ɹȁѡˊéͽ́ѕɕѥѡٕ́ͽ)ѥ́Ёձѥѕɕ݅ɑɥq$܁ѡЁ$eЁɕ)䁱ɹѡհ݅䁉ɔt̸͡qMͽչЁݡ)ЁѡЁͽɔЁɔɸt)]Ё́ѼȁչՔͽչѡͥɕ́յȁ)եх̸ȁݼ啅́܁͡é ́ ɕ՝Ёѥq%ӊé)䳊t51̸ͅq%ӊé饹յиЁՙ'eٔɕɑ)ѡлt)]͡éѼɕѥɔȁѡˊéͽ(ԁɽѽɥͥЁ݅)ѥѽɅ͡ѥ́ѡ́ͥѥɽչѡ͔q%ӊéЁѡ)ɕ݅ɴͽչͽѕɽչЁѽt̸͡q%ӊéɽѡ)́ӊéݕɐՙѼЁٕȁѡ啅̸%ӊéЁЁͽհ)ѡЁեхȻ