Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 37

made me feel like we were raising awareness.” He later tells the students gathered: “My favour- ite thing is coming here and getting to see what hap- pens when an idea … works,” and judging by many of their reactions, it was one of theirs, too. It’s a special relationship he shares with his fans – yet another pillar supporting what’s poised to be a long and prosperous career. Seeing him onstage, ef- fortlessly engaging and conversing with his audience, you get a true idea of his charisma and magnetism. “Being a singer-songwriter, I had to do tours where it was just me, an acoustic guitar, and a loop pedal, and you’ve got 30 minutes and seven songs for people that, in a lot of cases, don’t know you,” he shares. “So a good portion of my set was me talking and making jokes and showing who I was, in a sense.” Helman credits Warner Music Canada’s VP of A&R, Ron Lopata – another of his early influencers – with helping to develop his live show and initiate that level of engagement. “Ron really helped me find my own voice in a live sense, and actually that informs how you write music. When it becomes a conversa- tion with an audience instead of just a statement, it feels more natural.” Along with his band – drummer Julian Psiho- gios, bassist Dylan Burrett, guitarist Callum Maudsley, and keyboardist Adrian Thomas – he’s looking for- ward to these new songs taking on a life of their own from the stage. As he explains, “When you have such amazing bandmates, when you start playing a song on a tour, the difference between the first show and last show, the song’s a whole different beast because you have these people helping morph it into some- thing new, and that’s just a piece of your growth as an artist.” His bandmates are all close to him in age (in fact, Psihogios and Maudsley were classmates), which he says makes their collective experiences all the more enjoyable. “It’s like we’re all going through it together,” he offers. “Like, I’m writing the songs and doing the interviews and photo shoots, but when we’re onstage at the MMVAs and it’s like, ‘Holy shit, this is insanity,’ I get to share that with people looking at it through the same lens. I can look over and see a 19-year-old with the same look in his eyes as I have.” What’s perhaps most exciting for Helman about Hôtel de Ville is that he strongly believes this album is a true representation of who he is as a person and creator. “The nice thing about there being 13 songs on an album rather than seven is you have more space to say what you want to say and experiment with differ- ent vibes and dynamics,” he offers. He’s got the look, he’s got the charisma, and most importantly, he’s got the music – tunes that adhere to what’s popular in today’s market but that don’t let that sell them short in any sense. Whereas Augusta introduced the world to a young artist with heaps of promise, Hôtel de Ville makes good on it. In a world short on time and attention and de- manding of instant gratification, there’s something to be said for a calculated approach – and the fact that cool is still cool, however you define it. Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Musician. 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