Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 35

Scott Helman at Toronto’s Revolution Recording When Canadian Musician catches up with Helman, he’s taking a break from tracking at Toronto’s Revolution Recording. Hôtel de Ville is about 80 per cent complete at this point, with all of the songs written but some still being pieced together. Were it not for the success of “Bunga- low,” the nearly three-year gap between the introductory EP and full-length debut might seem odd (who wouldn’t want to milk as much as possible out of a hit like that?) – but that’s es- pecially so with Helman, who signed with Warner Music Canada when he was just 15. Evidently, they saw that certain something in him early on, and it makes sense that they’d be very calculated with their marketing of such a promising, unique, and, well, just plain marketable young artist. So how does Helman, now 21, feel about the timeline and trajectory thus far? Well, if patience is a vir- tue, he’s pretty virtuous. “You start with a plan, but you restructure it to fit what you need to do to get to the next level and do the next record,” he says of something he learned over the course of his first-ever release cycle. “I put out [Augusta] and just let it do its thing.” That’s more than a bit euphemistic. Helman and his band were on the road for a good part of two years supporting the release, which gradually and consistently earned its maker award nominations (including JUNO and MMVA nods), accolades (like being the first-ever winner of Spotify Canada’s Emerge