Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 18

MURRAY MCLAUCHLAN For the full interview, listen to the March 1, 2017 episode CM: Has the current political and social climate here in North America been creeping into your work at all of late? McLauchlan: First of all, on the matter of the Orange Wonder [aka Trump], one of my favourite old poems, you learned it in school, but it concerns an explorer wandering in the desert and he comes upon a half-buried gigantic old statue and the inscription is half buried and he digs it out and it reads, “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!” So that is what I think of the Orange One… The last record I put out in late 2012, I certainly hit some buttons. I went on [CBC Ra- dio’s] Q with Voldemort [aka Jian Ghomeshi] and got thoroughly interrogated about one of the songs on that record, which the opening verse was from the point of view of a burned out soldier who’d been reduced to ashes by the Afghan war. You know, I got pretty roundly queried on that matter and my opinions on the Afghan war were well known. It actually won me the grand prize in Canada from the Harper Government where I came back from Italy and the first thing that was on my desk was a demand for a tax audit. Mere coinci- dence? No. So as a songwriter, I’m not unaware of these things but I think it’s safe to say with the newest record, Love Ca &][[Yx)HXX[B[YܙX]HY][\HY[B]ۈ܈HZ[]K^H[[HB[ YZ\^X\H[K[\Y[܈ HZ[]\˂SӑT‘܈H[[\Y]\[HX  M\\BN[\\Xܙ \H]\X\[\Y\\[[[H[YHY]\BX[X\]ZH\X[K[ [[[ \][ܛH[x&[\XH[[ۈ[\ܝوH][[K[]‘[ۙ\Έ[HXZH][ZHH]HHXH\\HHˈH\Bx&\H\Y^H[x&]HY[\Y^H]\HH[x&\H[^\[]\B]\[ܝ[Y\XKH۸&]H\HH^Nx&\HY][XK[][Y][XKH۸&][^H][K^H\\H^x&\H\Y[\HHٙ\˜YH[[\\و] H\H]\XH\H\[^H[\H[ []\K[X[H]\\H[]8&\[X]YH[[]H[ۛYB[\X [[\H\HXH]X[H[و[\[\[ TPTӋSRSHPTB܈H[[\Y]\[H\[ L M\\BN[\X][[KHKXZ]Yܚ]X[XZ[H[[HۂHSۙܚ][^H܈Bۙ8'H[8'Hٙ][[KX]\Bو] Y[HY[[H\\Hܚ] B[H][[K\\[[Z[HX\N]8&\[HX]\HBY\\x&\H^\[\\[ۈقH\Y\\[܈Y[ۙH\œ\\Z[XZ]Y[[\H\HX[]H][x&\H][[H[Y[X\[[]X]]S^H[B\Z[\Hو^H\]\™]H]H[YKx&YZ[[H܈HYZ[[۝X[ [HY\[ [ۈ[[B]YKH\ZHQ H\\[B\[][H]]\H[X]\BHYYY]\][HY[H[Y[KB\H\][H[H]ZY][\HH\\[XHܛX[B[&]\ۙ[Y\[BY\H]Xۙ[^H\[]^H[XZ[[[H]\›HX]HS[[[B\\Y\[YH]Y\[ۜ[[]\ۙK]8&\H[] H[\\XX[H[[x&\BۈHY \H\۸&]Hو\[[۞BX\\H[[x&]HY[]B[]^HH^HX[Y[Y[܈Hۙ[YKHو]Y\ZH[x&\B[H[[[H]H[܈YH[[XZ[[[x&\HZK8' ]8&\XK8'H[[[H[X[[Hܝو܋B] HY[[\Y]H\^H\BY[ۙHYHX]YHXYHBY&]][ۛx&YY[][x&Y]\X\و]YܙH[H\ZK8'Y^X^KBHHY[[H[\Y\ 'B\[]\\\و[YX[]\XX[Y[]\HY\^H] KU]˘[YX[]\XX[Y[˘KY\[ZY\[XX\\H\\]Y]H]H[[HX\Y][H[YH܈ۛYY\[U[\\ N8(HHHHHHHHH