Canadian Musician - May/June 2017 - Page 14

CHANGES THE award goes to... ROSIE & THE RIVETERS AT THE 2016 WCMAS THE LONG WAR PERFORMING DURING THE CBC SEARCHLIGHT FINALE. Vancouver’s The Long War Named CBC Searchlight Winners PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU & WIFE SOPHIE HONOURING LEONARD COHEN Leonard Cohen’s Legacy Shines at 2017 JUNOs The 2017 JUNO Week & Awards took over Ottawa from late March to early April, culminating in the televised awards broad- cast on April 2 nd. Leonard Cohen was top of mind at this year’s awards. The late icon won Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for You Want It Darker, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau delivered a speech on Cohen’s legacy and Feist performed his song “Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.” In the other categories, Ruth B received the JUNO for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Jess Moskaluke took home Country Album of the Year for Kiss Me Qui ] [\XB\HۘYYH[[HوHYX\]\܈ۛR] P[[HXXY]ۈY[\\]S[XB[\Y][ۘ[KH[X[\&H8'\]'Bۈ[HوHYX\[HYX[H\\Yܛ\وHYX\^YX\&\SYZ ]\[B[[[]\HX\ NKLH[[HH\YX\وH]ۙ]\HY B\X[]Y[TT[HА˂܈^\]H[ݙ\YHقHSYZX][YX[]\XX[K؛ˈ܈H[\و[\˚[]\˘K[]\\[Hۙ\X]]YH K \\]]ܜHYH[\وА]\X&\Œ MX\Y\]][ۋH[8&\[\]X[Y\[H][ۘ[K][KB\Y[[HۈА[]\[ۈ\H^B\ܛYY[ۙ]H\ Y\[[\Έ\]][&\HH[ܛ۝&\S[\Y[^KH\Y[X\وHۙ\XZ]YH L ܘ[^H][BY\H[YX[]\XX[\Y\ B\XYK[Y][ۋH[][YH[[H܈\[ܙX]]]B܈[\\\Y[H\H^HܛHBۙ܈[YH ML[[[\ܛB]H][ۘ[\[H[]Hۂ[YH^HYZ[ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ˘ؘ]\X˘KX\Y [H]YXY\\[YX[]\X]\Z[Y\•H\\[YX[]\X[X[H\œ]X[YHZ[Y\܈H M\ B\[YX[]\X[[\H]\˂[\[H[[Y[ۛ\Y\[XZ]\ MX[”\ LLM[Y[۝ۋ\]][&\[H]YB[[HH\H\ܝ\Y܈\YX\&\\\]\X^KXY[PBZ[Y\]]H[H[]\&\•H\]HYHZ[][ۜˈ[X”]H[\KX\YK[ܘ[XXX\Y˂[H\][[[H\žYX\&\[XYH[H\\[YX[]\X[و[YKH\H[]\YX[H[YX[[H\\[\ܞH[\ LH[[\]H]ۙY]\[][\][\H[[HوHYX\]\[ ][[K[][K\][[B\[[ۜ˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ[Y[H[\وZ[Y\˘XZ]\ KYY[]XXYPS۝\[]\Z[Y\•H[H]\X\X][ۈو۝\[ PSH\˜[[YHZ[Y\܈HY[X[PS۝\[]\XXۚ^HH[[[XY][Y[ق۝\[&\[H]\X[\HXܛ M]YܚY\˂YY[]XXYHX]][Z[KB[ۜ[H[Y\\\[ ]\ۈZ[\XBZ][ ܙYZ[K\ۈZ[K[HX[HX[\\H[[ۙH][\HZ[Y\Z[ۋBQQSUP›\Y]H\[[۞Hۈ[^K[H LH][[X[[[ۙۋӋHPS۝\[[\X]\[H\[YۙHو[Yx&\›[XۚX[YH[˂܈H[\وZ[Y\˘X[۝\[˘K)HPH^\][H]\XYZ MX\[[ۙۋӈ܈H\[YK[]\Y  Z[[ۈ[XۛZX˜X]]HHݚ[Hو۝\[ˈ[XۛZX[\X\\Y[ YZ[\\YHH[YX[ܝ\\H[X[K] N L ]\X[[[\Hٙ\[ۘ[[ۙH܈[ܙHX\]YYH][]Y[\  LLK M[[ܙH[ L [HB]YHوۙۈ][YH]HZH[H[\Hۙ\[K[H]\X\][ [ ܈HPH]\˂[H]\XYZXY\]ۋ\YX\H\ LL[[[Z[ۋӈH\ NK N ˘XKܙ˂M8(HHHHHHHHH