Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 66

HOT GEAR Gon Bops Timbale Snare Drum Gon Bops has released the 8-in. Timbale Snare drum. Blending the textures and accents of a traditional Latin timbale with a sensitive, long-range snare throw-off, the new Timbale Snare provides the ability to play high-tuned timbale accents with a snare back-beat. Its unique, long-range, sensitive snare throw-off allows the player to slowly dial in snare sound, from a loose rattle to a tight, hip-hop backbeat. The Timbale Snare offers the ability to play a very wide range of tones, from snappy backbeats to cutting timbale fills. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum shell, the drum is easy to pack and carry and to incorporate into a drum kit or full-size timbale set-up. For more information, contact Gon Bops: 855-400-2077,, 66 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N Rane Seventy-Two DJ Battle Mixer Rane DJ has introduced the Seventy-Two tabletop DJ battle mixer. The Seventy-Two flagship battle mixer allows dual DJs to compete with their own laptops simultaneously through the two USB computer connec- tions. With a 4.3-in. colour touch screen interface, the Seventy-Two shows Se ]&\[ݚ[]Yܛ\[Z\YH[][[˜[[\X]H^\Y[Hܚٛ][\[^[[\[XY\]‘YXˈ\H\H[ MZZBT\[H\ܛX[HY]ЈXY Y\XH\ B [Y\X ][\[B[[H۝\X˂H][KU\H\XX]\H[x&\XY•YHY\YۚYX[H\] B[]XYY\\YۋB]XYYHٙ\H[\]YBX\[[ۋXY\XBY\]X[HY[[XKB[ۋX[Y]Hۙ[[XXHYK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[]\X[YN NN KNNLL V N KNN KNNLLܙ\[YP[]\X؜[˘K˚[]\X؜[˘K