Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 64

HOT GEAR Reloop Kut Battle Mixer Reloop has introduced the Kut digital two-channel battle mixer. The development of this mixer was focused on the art of turntab- lism and scratching. Together with its smooth battle linefaders, the Kut is particu- larly well-suited for precise cutting thanks to the supplied inno- Fader and its non-contact technology. Crossfader and linefader curves can be customised and adapted to personal preferences and the Kut also has a crossfader reverse function. In the centre of the mixer is the dynamic FX section with seven effects, including phase/flange, white noise, LPF/HPF filter, and gate/crush for remixing. The on/off function can toggle the effects, the large easy-grip knob caps offer the right amount of resistance, and the green status LEDs show if an effect is active. With the integrated audio interface and sound quality in 24-bit/96 kHz, incoming signals from a turntable, CD player, or the combined master output can be recorded via USB. This means that a mix can be directly recorded onto PC and Mac. For more information, contact Erikson Audio: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, Hughes & Kettner Era 2 Acoustic Amplifier Hughes & Kettner has unveiled the Era 2, the second model in its Era series of acoustic instrument amplifiers built at the firm’s headquarters in Germany. Identical to Era 1 in terms of feature set, the Era 2 is physically larger and features more power (400 W, compared to 250) and low-end, thanks to its two 8-in. speakers and single 1-in. dome tweeter. This makes it well suited for percussive playing styles, to use with external music devices and drum machines, or for instruments with lower frequency ranges like double basses and bass guitars. Available in wood and black model finishes, the Era 2 is de- signed to offer detailed note definition and a responsive, dynamic playing feel. The amp features four channels. Channels one and two are identical and are equally suited for either two instru- ments, one instrument and one voice, or two voices. Channel three serves as an input for external audio sources and chan- nel four is a bus for line-level devices, such as mixers and drum machines. The EQ section and a comprehensive array of built-in effects allow performers to shape the tone of their instruments and vocals. There are 16 effects in total and many can be adjusted, customized, and saved as presets. For more information, contact Yorkville Sound: 905-837-8777, FAX 905-839-5776,, Analogue Solutions Treadstone True Analog Mono Synth British boutique electronic instrument company Analogue Solu- tions has released the Treadstone true analog mono synth. As the latest addition to Analogue Solutions’ synthBlocks series, the Treadstone features an all-analog audio path and modulation circuits based on designs dating back to the mid-‘70s. This means no CPU stabilized and quantized circuits, no digitally- controlled oscillators, and no digital envelope generators. This pocket-sized mono synth, which measures 134 x 125 x 52 mm, includes a voltage-controlled oscillator with square and sawtooth waveforms plus noise and an associated sub-oscillator, a reissue of the classic SSM2044 four-pole voltage controlled filter chip, an analog echo (Reflect), and a Loop Sequencer to input, edit, and play up to 16 MIDI notes. For more information, go to 64 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N