Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 56

CM: How did you get started in music? IB: Other than being forced to learn violin and quickly quitting because my teacher was really mean, I discovered that music could be fun when I was 11 or so. My dad had a classical guitar in the house and he was re- ally badass at it. He was really good. He was always playing The Beatles in the house, and The Doors. Just awesome music. I would pick it up every now and then and make a bunch of noise on it. I was curious to figure out how it worked. I started on guitar, taking it more seri- ously in my teens, doing the private lesson thing and just teaching myself. Then I heard “Dead Disco” by Metric and everything changed. “What? A cool girl can do this?” It changed my life. So, I started to get more into that scene, getting into synthesizers and music production, then getting my first laptop and fiddling around on that. For the past 15 years or so, I’ve been teaching myself and trying to get better at as many instruments as possible as well as the pro- duction side of things. CM: When did you pick up the bass? IB: Lana, our drummer, often laughs because we’ve been playing music together for over 10 years and she knows I’ve often said, “I never thought I would be a bass player.” Sure enough, early in the Caveboy days, we start- ed writing songs and we were just like, “Hey, this would probably sound better with a live bass.” You know, bringing in a little more of that human factor. We were like, “Who wants to play it?” I was like, “I’ll do it!” Fast forward and now it’s my favourite thing to do out of any instrument I’ve ever gotten my hands on. I’m so happy that it happened. CM: How do you approach synth bass lines versus electric bass lines? IB: I mostly have a co-dependent relationship with Lana, who is really a genius bass-wise. Her mind goes places I would never think of going. It’s cool to have her around to inspire me to try things that are either a little on the wacky side or really straightforward, like cut out all those extra notes. $ԁ݅ЁѼ)ѡ́ɽٔ䰁ӊé)ЁݥѠѡյ̸%ӊé݅́Ѽٔ)ɕѥ́͡յ́ѽѡȸ)]ѠѡѠӊéɕа͔)׊eٔЁЁѽՍɕ)ѡͽչ́ѡЁݥѠ)ȁ͕ѥ̸Mѡ́ͥ)她ɽչݥѠѕ́ѡ)ɕ'eՍѼٔѡ͔ݼݽɱ)ѼɕєݥѠ) 4QЁѡѡЁՍ) ٕ݅́ѡ`́٥Ёѡ)݅́q=ѡɥєͽ̇t)9̰݅Ёՙ́`)٥Ёѡͽ́ɕeЁٕ䁝)%]ɕ䁡ɐQԁȁѥ)]ѕ䁱ɹٕȁѡ啅́ѡЁ)ͽ́ͽͽ)ѥ̸%ӊéЁЁٕȁ)ѕѡэѼи]݅)Ѽɕ́́ͥ) 4]Ёٔȁɥ́)́ݽѡͥ)%$ѡӊéͼͥȁѼٕ䁽ѡȁ̴)䰁䁅ЁѥɥЁܰݡ)ٕ役́хЁՕ́ѡЁɕєѼ)ѡ̸ȁѥ$ɥѼЁѡ)и$ѡѡ́ɔɔͤ)ѥٔɕѥ%ӊéɔɔ)ͥٔՅɕљհeԁܰ)$ݽeЁѡɔٔѥ́$͡܁)Ѽ܁ѡeɔѥѡ)ɽ$ͱ䁽хѡѡх)͡ݥɕиѡӊé'e)Ѽɸ她ͥ)ѥЁͥMݱ䁉Ёɕ)ݗeɔȁ݅Ѽ̰ͥ)̸ͥ)5啅ȵ̵她՝ѕȁ)ɕѡȁѡ́ɔ$ݽձѼ)єѡ́ѥѼȸMѕ$ٕ)ɽՐѡչݽԁٔ) ́ Ց́ɕٕȄ))ͽIͼ́ɽͥͥЁɽՕ)=8!́ѕЁմ1ٔЁQ)I)مЁܹͽɅͽͥ)ͽ)ɽՑ䁕͕́Ʉ͕̰եȁ)ѥeɥɥ̸(؃ 8$84TL$ $8