Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 51

Meshell Ndegeocello is a world-renowned singer, songwriter, and bassist. Her new album, Ventriloquism, will be released March 16 th , 2018. CM: In 1995, you were on the cover of Bass Player and I thought, “This is the coolest person I’ve ever seen!” I ran out and bought Plantation Lullabies and it was a game changer. Aside from the great bass play- ing, there was so much more – the vocals, lyrics, and arrangements. How do you look back on that album? MN: It was a great experience. I got to meet so many amazing people. In youth, you’re so confident about your position and your emotions are at FP7W&f6RW7B6VRB26V6גƖfR"W&BbFRFB6R67RЧVBBfVVV6VVvFfR&VVvfV'VFvWBFv6VRvB6VBfBvFגFV2W7BBB&R66W72F7GVF2BFffW&V@G2bVvVW'2֗72F6RFW2W622&V6R7V6FfGVW'7VBF֗72FB6'BbWW&V6R4ӢFBR7F'B&73VBFR6&WBf'7BגfFW"v26W"Bג'&FW VBwVF"גFB'&VvB&FW2RRFBBfW"ЧG&6W76VB&VBW&&Bf'7BFVג'&FW.( 2g&VG2VgB&72fW"BW7B7F'FVBfFFƖrvFFBvV&6v2v0&RFW&W7FVBr6w2Wr( BWfW"&Rf'GV6&72W"ऒW7B6rB2FW7BRbFRF2FRw&Fr'6VvFVBFR6w2&FW"FW7BV&FFR&72v2&rfb&6RFRv2ג6f"VFW'7FFrFBRrvV'WBN( 2&WBvBR67&VFRFR6r2fV6Rf"RFvV4Ӣ7Vrb&6RR6fW"( 6WFW2B6w2&( fVG&V6B6VG2fF7F2F2FB&Vvr2fV&7FVv"R2vFVV&Gr&B^( 26FR&72W"f"VvVB^( 2fW'W6Ц6^( 2RbגffW&FR&72W'22BR22( "S