Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 40

“At various points in my career, I’ve had the opportunity to perform all these types of music, and all have informed where I’ve landed now.” 40 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N came lead singer with Whale Tooth, from roughly 2009 to 2012, and played gigs at venues like Lee’s Palace and Sneaky Dee’s around Toronto, and slots at some festivals like NXNE. Music journalist Adam Bunch called her former band “one of Toronto’s best live acts” and described LeGrow’s “frontwomaning with Whale Tooth some of the best frontwomaning a city full of amazing frontwomaning” had to offer. Indeed, their always en- ergetic shows featured songs that were both quirky (“Growing Pains”),and straight-ahead but catchy indie tunes (“Wolves”). LeGrow wistfully explains, “We toured Canada a couple of times but met the fate of a lot of bands when you’re in your 20s. There were political differences that led to our demise, but it was a lot of fun, a really good experience. I still really love that song, ‘Wolves,’ the video for which we filmed in an alley off Queen and Bathurst.” But even though the band had split up, LeGrow had something comfortable to fall back on – or, rather, continue doing, as she’d been performing standards all throughout her time in Whale Tooth. Around the time the band broke up in 2012, LeGrow put out a self-titled EP that included the original song “No Good Woman,” which made some waves in Canada. But since very few ou ͥ ɐѡЁѥ͡ɽ͕)ѡЁɕمٕͥ́́́ݥȁȁ)ɕɐɥ̸)݅䰁ѕȀȴ̰1ɽ܁չ͕ȁ)ѹȁѡЁձЁȁɔɕȁɅѥ̸+q$ѽѥ́ЁeЁѡѕɕЁѡ)ɕɑ́$݅ѕѼt́͡ͅ七q$݅ѕ)ѼѽȁݥѠٔ$٥ͥѡЁѡ́eЁ͕)Ѽ͡ɔQɔݕɔͼ՝ѥ́Ёɔ)ѡЁ݅ͻeЁݡЁ$݅ѕѼt) Ёͥ͡ѕѡɽ՝ɕЁхЁݥѠQ)ɽѿéݕͽ5ͥ́չȰͥ݅͡Ё)ѥݥѠL ٗéMѕٔɕɜݡeѕ)q9]t݅́ɕ͕1ɽ܁ɕ̰q)եхɥЁ$ݕЁݸՅذ$əɵ)܁ͽ́L ٗéѥհ5хѡѠ)ȁݥѠɝ́٥ܻt)MѡՑѥL ٔͅ܁չѼ)ЁѡMհMͥ́ɕѥٔɽՍѥѕѽѡ)Ё1ɽ܁ٔѼ ϊéɥمɥхՔL)ݡ́չȁѡL ٔ 5MQXյɕ̸)]ѠL ٗé1ɽ܁ɽݕѡͥٔЁ)ѥ́ݸѼЀͽ̸Ḿȁѡɕ)͕ѥɥѕɥ胊qаȁѡ$݅ЁѼͥЁ́Ѽ)ٔɽ丁'eѼͥѡ͔ͽٕ́ȁ)ٕȃPɉѡ䁉Ս͙հPͥѡ)ȁѡɕЁ䁱Qݼѡɕɔѕ쁕ѡȁѡ)ٔѼͽɕͽєݥѠȁѡ䁡ٔ)ѽ$݅ЁѼѕݥѠɅѕ́ԁɔиM)ͥ䰁ٕѡѡɕɐ́ݼѡ͔ɥѕɥݥѠ)䁉ѡɕаѡѡȁѡѡ)ݼLͽѡͽɕхȁѽ丁$)ݥѠa]eԁ1ٔd'eٕٔȁ䁽ȁٕȁ)ɥͽͼӊéЁͽݡéՍɕ)ѡЁӊéɕ䁍ѽ䁅ݽѠɔѕt)]ѡ Ս 䁅 ͽ́ха)́͡ͅЁ݅́ɕЁѼͽչյ͕ȁݸ