Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 36

Brett Kissel Meghan Patrick It’s been almost a year since Meghan Patrick made the formal move down to Nashville. She’s a songwriter, after all, and for songwriters – particularly country music songwriters – Music City is the land of milk and honey; a place ripe with opportunity to write and write often while surrounded by industry icons and driven by some stiff competition. The literal journey is one that countless talented musicians have taken in pursuit of their passion; the figurative one, though, is largely uncharted. “It just seemed like the next move for me,” Patrick explains, thinking back on a recent cou- ple of years that have seen her propelled to the upper echelons of the Canadian country hierar- chy via some big CCMA wins, tours and shows alongside some major artists, and an impres- sive list of song collaborations that have been recorded for her own heralded projects as well as those from some pretty successful peers. “I wanted to be writing more often than just for my own records,” she adds, “and wanted to be surrounded by music and really challenge myself and surround myself with the best.” The 12 tracks comprising Patrick’s latest record, 2018’s Country Music Made Me Do It, make it clear that she’s headed in the right direction. Produced by Jeremy Stover (Justin Moore, Johnny Reid) and mixed by studio vet Chris Lord-Alge (U2, Green Day), the record is an admirable follow-up to her solo debut, 2016’s Grace & Grit, that manages to be grittier and more graceful. Part of that can be attributed to Patrick’s early musical heroes. While the album show- cases the slick aesthetic of modern mainstream country, it certainly borrows some of ѡ)ͥ́ѥ́Օ́ɽ) Iаɥ屽ԁ!ɥ̰)ѡEՕMհ͕ɕѡɅL)ݡAɥչ́́Օ̸+q$ɕ܁Ё́ͽɥѕȁѡ)啅̰ݕѡЁɕɐ)ѡ́t̸͕͡q]ݕɔѼ)ݡЁѡͽչ݅́Ѽݡ)䁉Ʌ̰$Օ́ԁձͅ今t)!ȁɅ́Ё́Սѡ)շéɥѕЁ́Ё́ѡͥ)ѡӊéѡȁɕݡɔ͡é(؃ 8$84TL$ $8)ɕͥٔɥ́ɕѥٕ͡Ёչ)ѥq$ѕѡ䁍ٕ)́ɥѕȁѥЁ́ɽݸٕȁѡ)܁啅̳t̰͡ͅݡ́ȁѼɔ)͕ѥٕхݕəհݕɥ)Չ́ȁͥ+qMѡѡӊéɕ䁥хЁȁ)́ѥЁͽɥѕȁѡЁѽ՝)ͽѥ̰́$݅ЁѼЁͽ́Ёѡɔ)ѡЁɔݕɥѼݽ͕)Ё$eЁ݅ЁѼєѡȳt͡ͅ)ݥѠՍq$ѡѡЁ݅Ѽѡ)́ѼɕɅ܁ݥѠȁɥ́ѽɥ̸)QЁ́ԁɕхѼȁՑ)$ѼɥєͼԁձɕݥѠ͡)ȁȁݥѠt)QɗéͼѡѕȁѡɅѥ)ɽ́ѼɽՍѥݕȁݼ)̸=ɅɥаAɥѡ)ѼݽɬݥѠɕͥٔЁ)ɽՍ̰Ց)ѥ9Y)1I̤ ɥ́ ͕ɐ9)ɥ1٥ѥнɽՍ́)Y9é -ɽȰ ɱ)5-=5ɔɰ)]͡ݱ́ѡЁЁ݅́)ɕ݅ɑɥݥѠɕձ̰ѡ)ѥɽչ͕͡ЁЁѼٔͽѡ)ɕи+qQЁ݅́ɥȁѡ)ЁѥаЁ$ѕ݅ѕѼٔ)ɽՍȁѡ́ɕɐt̸͡q$)݅ѕٕѡѼɕ䁙Ёѽѡȁ)ͥٔ܁ݕ$)Ѽ͍́ѡɕɐ́ݡݥѠ)ɕ)ɔЁ܁ٕѡ͕͔)ѽѡȻt)QɕձЁѱͱɅ́ѡ)ݕمɥ䁅ͥݥѠѡ)ѥЁɅͥѥ͕ͱ䁙ɽ)䁅ѡ́Ѽɥ́Ѽͽ)ѡɽ݉ͽչ́́и(