Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 35

Meghan Patrick “Every decision we made, either with writing songs, selecting songs, how we recorded them, had to do with the energy we wanted to put out on stage,” Kissel shares. “Every song needed to fit into the set list. If we couldn’t play it live, I didn’t want it on the record.” That’s a bit different from the approach he’s taken on previous record- ings, particularly the two released via Warner Music Canada since he signed his deal in 2013. This time around, he explains, he had both the experience and confidence to assert himself into the process. “I’m really proud of the new record,” he begins. “There were songs pre- viously that I was a bit worried about recording, where I cut them because I thought that was what the industry wanted to hear. This time, I know who my fans are and who I want to cater to, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do going into this. There was no second-guessing on this record.” Some of that confidence stems from the fact that Kissel was in his ele- ment while recording We Were That Song, surrounded in the studio by his longtime bandmates instead of the usual talented-but-temporary cast of Nashville session pros. “We did a few songs together on the last record and they went so well, so I talked to my producer and said I truly believe my band is the best [option]. They’re equivalent to anything that would come out of Music City,” he explains, and they brought more to the table th W7BFVB&Vr&RF6f'F&ǒ@6VW76ǒ6V6FRvFgVG'W7BRFW"v27&F6खbRv2gFW"6WFr7V6f0g&vfVW&f&6R76V6VB6WV'2b6&VBWW&V6W2FVƖ6BFR&vBVW&w"VF( ėBv2( WN( 2&WFVBv^( &RrvBfW7FfBvfPBFBVW&w( "( &VV&W"vVvRVBFR'pFB6VFVC( "WfVbBv2BvRvW&R6R&RFFRv6vR6VB6WFrƖRBv0FR7B6rW"6WFƗ7B( 76V&V62आR6VBWfVG&rg&FRWW&V6Rbp6RbFRfW'6w2FWvW&RG&6rV&ƖW"FPV"vRFW"66FW&rrgFV76VB0&B&RFR&BFWgFVW6RFV"6w22V2`FW7FrWBWrFW&( 2vBFW6V7FfVǒ&VfW"F0( &WB&W6V&6( Ю( vRFBFBW'6VgVǐF27VW"( vRvW&RF@6~( B( FV( vW&RGvbFRfW""ffR"6WuЧ6w2vRVBFRFPF27VW"BFWvW&RFPGvFB7FBWB&rv6v2&RFFRFB&6Fv&W"B6( F27GVfb0vrfW"&VǒvVƗfR@FvR6VBW6B2FPf'7B6vR( ( Ю( WfW'FV66vRFRVFW"vFw&Fp6w26VV7Fr6w2rvR&V6&FVBFVBFFvFFRVW&wvRvFVBFWBW@7FvRWfW'6rVVFVBFfBFFR6WBƗ7BखbvR6VF( BBƗfRFF( Bv@BFR&V6&B( Т'&WGB76VFWƗ7FVVBFbVFrG2FFRFFR'V2vR( vPvW&RFB6~( v2G2f'7B6vRB( FV( v2G26V6BFWfRvRfW"vVFRFW"VFrWFFR&V6&B&VV6RFVvrFB6B&V6&B26VVFRƖvBbFFW( &R&fFR&6ЦW'2FB&R7G&FVv6ǒ6VBFR6WBƗ7B76V( 2vrG76Wb6FFW"( ĒvFVBF2F&RFR&vvW7B6F6VG'FW"FWfW"V( 2FR7BFFW2BFR&vvW7B&V6( 76V62b2vRvW&RFB6pFW"^( 27W'&VFǒV&rFRVBb'BRv66VFW2fW"c6w2g&F&F"2BVGb6W2&WGvVV( vRvFVBFvF6W2ƖRVf'B66F6WvBFVFW &F&( 26W2FB&RF( BvWB&VVƗG6VG'VFW'FЦVBFBgFVvRvBFvfRBFFV( 76VVFW6W2B^( 6''FBWF2FFRWBVw2bFRFW"v6R&֗6W2vfRFFW07G&Wv7&72VV&V2FF26FBWfVFRF&VRFW'&F&W2g&FRWG6FRrB6VV22FVv6F2&VV"ЧF7V&ǒ7F&RF6VG'W62B'F7G2&V6VBV'2FRV&W bFW7F26VG''F7G2vFFvFRR&V6vF2vFW6PF2&WGvVVFRv&bFR6F6VG'W62766FBFPw&vrV&W"b6VG'f7W6VB&V2f&2BvV6W2BFVЧF"fW7Ff2FB7B26WFrb'&VVFrw&VBf"FW7F0FVB( 2g&&W'F( 2&rfW&&VRFF&( 2&G2BV'G2fW2ЧFfFT( 26fVF6&V6W62fW7Ff( 2B2ƖRvRfRFRvVЦ6֖r&WG2BGW7G'g&7G'V7GW&R6RF'VB6WFr&r'WB76VFW6( B6VRF22FBWrbG&VB( ėN( 2BFBv^( &P7F'FrF6VRw&VG7vVò&VƖWfRv^( &RFRV'BbFRvBF0f"ƗfR6F6VG'( RffW'2( Ğ( rvR&6FW6RF0bVvG&6BW2&&W"&BBvfW2W"&W7BW&`ƗfRW62( Ф76V26fFVFǒfvr&VW&BFBRG&WrW6VbFVvN( 2RFBv27&VB'F6RF6R&Vf&RB26FЧVǒVFVB2Rv&2Fw&r2&fR2RBFfR@B&WB( ĒvF6VBwW2ƖRV'&GBB6&ƖR"BvV&vRfƖRv( R62&VfW&V6r6R6F( W66W&W>( vfVB6P7V66W726WFbFR&&FW"( ŖRBvvVBF6fRB6P&6Bv7FVBFWvVBFvFW&RF66RG&VB( FffW&VC( fRfvVBFV"VB'WB( G'rFFffW&VFFRח6Vbg&ЧvN( 2WBFW&RrBW7B&RFffW&VBBVVR( Ф2BR22( "3P