Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 13

Amanda Power Named Unison’s New Executive Director AMANDA POWER The Unison Benevolent Fund has appointed Amanda Power as its new executive director. Unison is a non-profit, registered charity that provides counselling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community. Having been with Unison for the past three years as development director, Power is intimately familiar with the organization’s programs and potential. Power will continue the work of Sheila Hamilton, Unison’s fi rst executive director, who is leaving her leadership role after seven years. Hamilton will remain the principal point of contact for applicants to Uni- son’s Emergency Assistance Program in her new role as director of allocations and services. For more information, go to SOCAN Survey: 70% of Young Canadians Want to Live in Music Cities According to new SOCAN research, seven-in-10 city-dwelling Canadians younger than 35 feel it’s important to live in a neighbourhood with a vibrant local arts scene that includes live music. The organization says the study stems from the fact that many small and medium-size live music venues across Canada are struggling due to lack of revenue and funding. SOCAN says cities should play a critical role in maintaining local arts and music scenes and, in response to the study's find- ings, has identified several steps that cities can take to foster music in communities. Providing live artists with realistic housing options, bringing cultural groups together to encourage discussions around the arts, and examining local development fee struc- tures so they take live music venues into consideration have been suggested. SOCAN also notes that property developers are often required to contribute to community infrastructure and amenities when they build in an area. SOCAN argues that live music venues should be considered for these types of funds and a large majority of survey respondents agree. For more information, contact SOCAN: 866-307-6226, W W W. C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N . CO M C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N • 13