Canadian Musician - March / April 2018 - Page 10

INDIE INSIDER Music BC’s Phoenix Program Part 2: Lessons Learned By Michael Raine L ast issue, we spoke with Music BC Executive Di- rector Alex Grigg, Nettwerk Music Group’s Terry McBride, and program founder Mariel Beros about Music BC’s Phoenix Training & Professional Development Program and, more broadly, why better business education for artist managers, agents, and indie label owners could have a pro- found impact on the Canadian music industry. But what lessons did the participants of the Phoenix program take away? Here, we catch up with a few attendees to find out. “I’m sitting here right now with a binder that’s probably 60 to 100 pages of [information] and, I mean, this is all quotable stuff,” enthuses Lyle Chausse, a B.C.-based radio promoter, merchandise supplier, and an artist manager for the bands Toque, The Wild!, and Whale and the Wolf. “One of the things that Phoenix taught me is to better secure my business. One of the biggest concepts I came away with is; what are you offering people? As an artist, I think you have to ask that question, and then as a business, you have to an- swer that question.” One of the key practices employed at Phoenix during the first of two three-day courses was to get all attendees to do a SWOT analysis of their business – that is, identify their strengths, weak- nesses, opportunities, and threats. It’s as applicable to artists with career aspirations as it is to any business or industry professional. It helps clarify where you are and where you want to go, profession- ally speaking, and most importantly, how to get there. “It stopped becoming about, ‘Well, my artist is doing this’ and ‘My artist is doing that’ and ‘This is happening and that’s not hap- pening.’ It b X[YHX]]\ۈ[\H܈H\KB\ˈ]H[Y]XܛˈH[]ٝ[[H\KB\و]\XH]]Y\[H\Hܚ[]܂]HY[YH]]\ۈ[\H]\YWK8'H^\]B]YK[\و[YHX[[X[Y[Y[\[HۚX”XܙX\\[H\ۚ\ H^H]\\\Y\HY\[\ˈ8'Hܙ]]][H\\[ܚ]KX^XH[H[\^K] 8&\x&\\ۙ]\H[ &B]\ܙX]]H[X]]ؚX][HZH] 'B]YH^\[^XYHX\HXX[ۘ\H]\HوB]\X[\H8$]X[X[Y\[\\[Y\[^YHۈۙ]\\[[H[K[Z[YH\YL8(HHHHHHHHHۈH\[\܈[[H[X\K؝[\H[[YYX]H\˜[YY\]Z\H][[ۋ]HXوۙ]\H\[ۈ[[[[ܙX]Hܝ ]\H\[\\Y[۸&][[œXHYX[K8'x&]H[^\Y]YX[]\\[ܙBX]Z[[[[]\X[YH[ܚ]\[HZ[\]]8&\\X]ۙH[[H܋&]H^[[KH[]\x&O[H[[\]\X\Y\H[]Z[]\\HٙB[[YYX]H[[H]x&\Hܚ[ۈ܈]܈]]\H[]]8&\[XYHXZ[YH[\]H\\˸'B'x&[]H[HH^[\H]\ۚ\]\\ B[Y 8'H۝[Y\]YK^Z[[]HYX\YY\^Z[˜\[ܛ۝܈YX\^HۜY\Y^Z[HܙX][][Y]HY\[ۈX]\H][H]XوBX\ [H[\X[ܛ۝[[X\Hو\YX\^H[܈] 8'؝[\KHYX\YHHZH]\X\ؘXHH[ݙK][X\[HX]\HB\Hݙ\][[] \ۙ]\H[\XZ]ق] \H\܈\ۈܙX]]H[[K[ۙH܈žYX\HY]Z[[\]\Hݙ\ۙH[][[Y[X\[][KH[]\XYHHYHY\B[HX]\H]8&\H[و[]Y[H\HX[]\HH[]^HY\\[Y 8'HH^\KBܙHY[]H]Y 8'[HXX[HY[X]\HY]Y&] ][8&]HY[[Hۈ^HXY '