Canadian Musician - July/August 2017 - Page 78

SHOW CASE If you are an unsigned Canadian artist and would like to be featured in Showcase, visit Submissions are free - all you need is a Reverbnation account with a high-res photo. You can check out tracks from our Showcase artists via Canadian Musician on SoundCloud. Visit for these and many more fresh sounds! By Ken Kelley WHITEWATER BAND Formed in 2009 following a somewhat random en- counter at a songwriter’s circle in their native Saint John, NB, the Whitewater Band is proving to be one of the more exciting up-and-coming names in the Atlantic provinces. After earning national airplay for their singles “Unpredictable” and “Shores of Home,” the group is currently riding high on the success of its sopho- more record, Behind the Mask, which was released this past March. With production assistance from Paul Milner (Tim Chaisson, Vishten), the Whitewater Band’s latest album sees the group reaching be- yond their country roots to embrace a wider-rang- ing sound that incorporates blues, folk, and more. What: Country Rock Where: Saint John, NB Visit: Hailing from Yellowknife, one of Canada’s most north- erly populated cities, Digawolf is quickly earning a name for themselves in their home region and beyond. The group’s unique sound (think Tom Waits fronting a raucous blues band) is rooted in modern alternative rock, but also incorporates historical aspects of their Tlicho heritage, upholding and exploring their traditiona [XYH[[\KH[وHܛ\8&\]\Y[Xܙ ܙX]ܝ\X[]H[\\YHX\Z[][ۜ™HH\\[YX[]\X]\H[YX[]\X]\[[Y[\]\X]\[BY]&\ H[[K\[[ܛ[\\\܈BS]\ SVU][Y[\X[\N]\ӂ\]˚[^] B8(HHHHHHHHHH[ܙYXHY[^Z[و[^]\][[ܙH[X\BXH[[HZH[ۜY\][ۈ]HZ]\\\œ[]]Y \]H][Y[H[]]H]KXY\›]\X8$HۛHXY\HZ]\]YH N8$H]\KBX[ܛ[Z\Y[\[[ \^K\Y[[HقX\˂ݙ\H\Hو\\Y\[^]\۝X]Y›[ܙH[ MHY[Xܙ[ܙY[H[[]\[ۂڙXˈ[H[[YX[Z]\\\H[KBY[X[XHXXH\HH؝[\X[܂[XHY\[ܙK[^]\[YYܘYYH[]\[\ۋQU]•\NY[ۚYK\]˙Y]